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Park Review #414

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!


500 Huron Street,
, Ontario, Canada


  • Nice pavey walkingroads!! 
  • When it is all green, the wilderwild in there is sooperpretty!!
  • Butt when the leafytrees are naked it is sometimes kinda gross looking!!
  • Nice for walkingtimes!!
  • Butt this is part of the cyclebike path!!

GUYS!! Do you like walkingtimes!!?? 

Then prolly this park is perfectal for you!! Yup!! That is 'cuz this park is all walkingroads!! Yup!! Pretty much!! Nice, smooth, pavey walkingroads that mosey through wilderwild that is sorta swampy and stuff!! It is actually kinda pretty for your lookingmarbles when it is the summertimes, butt I gotta say, when the leafytrees are all bucknaked and stuff, it can look littlebits gross 'cuz there can be lots'nlots of trashybits allover everywheres. Yup. Just sayin'. 

Anyhoozle, mostly this park is pretty nice. Yes. Plus it is soopernice that we have wilderwild like this right in the middle of city-type hustlebustle!! Yup!! Now prolly not so many peoples come t VISIT this park, 'butt for peoples who live close, it is pretty 'mazing to just walk through your neighborhood then ALLASYUDDEN - whammokablammo - you are in the wilderwild!! 

'Course you gotta know this walkingroad is part of the cyclebiking path that goes allover everywheres 'round my London, Ontario, so keep your lookingmarbles plus listenator earparts working real good!! That means puppies should keep their safetystrings on plus don't let your peoplefreinds wander off!! They could get smushed by a cyclebike doing zoomers!! 

You cannot go too fars in this park, butt if you did not know, there is a whole 'nother park right next to this one (NORTH LONDON ATHLETIC FIELDS) that this same walkingroad goes through too, so even though this park is maybe not soopermazing, it is perfectal for a nice, quiet walkingtimes -'specially if you put both parks together to make one gigantical park of walkingroads!! I like it!! 

Shanksh, park!! You are kinda cool like that!! πŸ˜Š πŸ˜Š πŸ˜Š 



ASK ARCHIE!! May 09, 2016