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Park Review #431

Snort Index Rating1.0 SNORTS!!

Coves - Open Space

18 Elmwood Avenue East, 
London, Ontario, Canada


  • The Coves parks could be pretty cool!!
  • Just a chunk of parking rodeo plus some leafytrees nobuddy keeps clean and stuff!!
  • Could be a neato part of a whole family of parks, butt -nope!! 
  • Needs lotsa lovings, guys!! Sure does!! 

Hidey-ho, everybuddy!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ

OK. So..... this park. Yes. "What is the dealio, with this park Archie Brindleton?" That is what you are asking. Yes. OK. So here is the dealio:  IT IS PRETTY BAD. Seriousface. 

Basically the "COVES" is a whole buncha wet, waterystuffs that is sorta a river, butt sorta  a puddlepond that loops inna big circle right in the middleparts of my London, Ontarioplace!! Yes. That part is cool!! There are a buncha parks that hang out allaways a 'round the coves loop PLUS.... there is sorta secret-type walkingroads hiding allaways 'round too!! Truestory!!
So when I found out there was a sorta secret buncha walkingtrails in the wilderwild that goes allaways 'round the wet, watery coves, I was thinkingthoughts - COOL!! Butt know what, guys??

Turns out mosta these parks are not so soopercool. Nope. Plus the walkingtrails are not so 'mazing either 'cuz basically they are not 'ficcial or anythings. They are just skinny, sketchy walkingtrails that can be pretty tough in spots. Like for advanced beginners only and stuff, guys. The parks are 'fficial, butt mostly they are just leftover chunks of place, with no sooperfun parkstuffs in them. Just wilderwild. Plus worst part is that 'cuz they are sorta secret, plus not so many peoples go here, there is lotsa trashybits plus clunkyjunk inna bunch of these parks too. LIKE THIS ONE. This one is one of the worstest for that!! Yup. 

Basically this park is just some leftover place at the end of a rollycar road. It is pretty easy to tell this park is not 'mazing just by it's name, guys!! "OPEN SPACE". Does that sound awesometimes for you!!?? ME EITHER!! Plus looks like goobers come here allatimes to hide their trashybits plus clunkyjunk. PLUS... you can see lotsa puppy parents don't even bother to clean up after their puppypals and that is neverever cool, guys!! Not even at a sketchy park like this one!!  

My city where I live cleaned up this park pretty good just littlewhiles a 'go, butt only the chunk real close to the rollycar road!! When you go back into the leafytrees it gets sorta sketchy, guys. It is totally not pretty, so it is not fun for hanging out in!!  

One daytimes I would like alla the COVES PARKS to get cleaned up real good, plus for my city where I live to make some 'fficial walkingroads so peoples can do walkingtimes allaways 'round!! Yes!!  'Cuz there is some nice stuff in there if you can forget a 'bout alla the junkiness plus sketchiness and stuff. That would be awesometimes, don'tchathink!!?? Me too!! 

Sorry park!! You plus your Coves buddies need to pull it together for crying out Pete!! πŸ˜œ πŸ’œ