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Park Review #436

Snort Index Rating 2.5 SNORTS!!


1680 Milestone Road, 
London, Ontario, Canada


  • Soopercool puddlepond!! 
  • Lotsa floatybirds like duckies plus gooses!!
  • Pavey walkingroad down one side plus a wildertrail that goes allaways 'round!! 
  • Regular-type park nextdoor!! 
  • Not so much for puppies!! 
  • Butt pretty for your lookingmarbles!! Yes!! 

Hi guys!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ

Truestory I have seen lotsa these "SWM" thingys since I started my quest to see every park in my London, Ontarioplace. Yes. They are a sooperweird kinda park made just for just wet, waterystuffs!! Yup!! Not for peoples or puppies at all!! Nope!! BUTT... I luvluvlove my city where I live 'cuz even though this park is basically just a puddlepond, they do lotsa stuffs to make it pretty for your lookingmarbles!! Seriousface!! Plus that is soopercool!! 

Okeedoke!! Firstofalls, it is 'portant to know there are 'couple rollycar roads real close, so prolly puppies should have safety strings on, guys. Yes. Plus just as 'portantal to know is there is a regular city-type park right nextdoor!! PLUS... there is a juniorperson learningschool right nextdoor to that!! Yup!! So prolly there will be juniorpeoples and stuff hanging 'round when you come too!! Yes!! Just sayin'!! 

Truestory for reals I have been here befores, butt when I came the firstimes, I was thinkingthoughts this whole entire place was just one big 'ol park!! Butt NOPE!! It is TOO (2)!! One part is WENIGE PARK, plus THIS part is WENIGE SWM!! Yup!! That means it is a big 'ol puddlepond made just so's wet waterystuffs can't go crazybananas plus wash alla the peoplehouses a 'way or anythings!! Even if it get sooperstormy!!  

There is a nice, pavey walkingroad that everybuddy can use that goes a 'round one side, plus it takes you to the park nextdoor, plus a wildertrail that goes the rest of the ways 'round for advanced beginners!! Yes!! So basically you can do nice walkingtimes allaways 'round this puddlepond if you are OK with exploradventuring onna wildertrail!! 

Coolist part was seeing alla the floatybirds floating PLUS... when we got sooperclose to the puddlepond I could not even bleeve alla the goldenfish that were swimmerating innit!! Look real close at my picturestory gallery 'cuz bet you can see them too!! It was sooperneato!! 

Anyhoozle, not so much a park for doing zoomers or regular park-type stuff, butt seriousface this is a nice place for romantical walkingtimes with your sweetie!! Yup!! 

Shanksh, park!! Plus say "HI!!" to alla the goldenfishies for me, K? K!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ