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Park Review #438

Snort Index Rating 1.5 SNORTS!!


2285 Ballymote Way, (beside this address)
London, Ontario, Canada

  • Basically just walkingroads beside it!! 
  • Mostly this is sooperdense wilderwild!!
  • There is one teensy wilderpath, butt it is no fun to do exploradventuring on!! 
  • It is inna shinynew neighborhood!! 
  • Was soopersecret with NO ADDRESSYBITS!! 

Okeedoke, you guys!! πŸ˜ƒ

This park has been the most soopersneakiest park of all the parks on my list!! Yes!! Did you know!!?? For mostly allatimes since I started in the 2013times, this park was the ONLY park with NO ADDRESSYBITS!! Yup!! It was crazybananas!! Alla the other parks had their addressybits next to their names and stuff, butt for THIS park.... IT WAS JUST EMPTY AND EVERYTHING!! YUP!! 

Even when I would put the name of this park into the special, parks only interwebsnet picturemap made by my city where I live, this is the ONLY park that would not work!! Yup!! Alla the other ones would show me 'zackly where they were or 'least sorta close, butt not this one!! Nope!! It has been a soopersneaky goober for TOO WHOLE YEARTIMES FOR CRYING OUT PETE!! 

BUTT... just littlewhiles a 'go... ALLASUDDEN... WHAMMOKABLAMMO!! This park popped up on the picturemap!! Yup!! I was not even looking for it anymores, butt when I was looking for a whole differenter park, I TOTALLY SAW IT FROM OUTTA NOWHERES!! Yes!! Plus now I know WHY!! 

See... this park is behind a whole entire shinynew neighborhood that is still not even done yet!! Yup!! You cannot even use the GOOGLEMAPS robot 'cuz truestory, it does not even see the road it is on yet!! Seriousface!! So I am thinkingthoughts, they did not even know what the addressybits were gonna be 'till AFTER this shinynew addressybits are all done!! Butt now that mostly alla the peoplehouses are builderated, I figured out what the addressybits are, so now I can tell you how to get there!! Yes!! BUTT.... 

The bummerpart is that... this park is pretty much snoring, guys. Yup. After alla this times, I finally found the hardest park to find in all of evertimes, plus turns out, it is a real snoozer!! I KNOW!! 

Anyhoozle, this park is pretty much all sooperthick wilderwild that is unposible to even go exploradventuring through 'cuz there is no walkingroads or wilderpaths or anythings!! Basically there is just a 'couple walkingroads that go behind the shinynew peoplehouses that sorta get CLOSE, plus sorta go right by this park. CLOSE, butt not so much IN. Nope. Not even. 

I found TOO walkingroads like that, plus one even had a real teensy, soopertough wilderpath at the end that kept going!! We tried to follow it just to see if we could find more wilderpaths or walkingroads waymorefarther inside, butt guys... NOPE. Maybe latertimes after alla the shinynew neighborhood is all done, they will build some funner stuff into this park, butt for the nowtimes... NOT SO MUCH!! 

Sorry park, butt you are just TOO WILD AND STUFF, K? K!! Butt shanksh for giving the NatureMama plus alla her babies a sooperfun place to hang out!! Maybe I will visit a 'gain in couple years to see if you have growed up and stuff!! Cool? Cool!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ  πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ


ASK ARCHIE!! JUNE 13, 2016