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Park Review #437

Snort Index Rating 2.0 SNORTS!!


1617 Hyde Park Road, 
London, Ontario, Canada

  • Too puddleponds!! 
  • They are builderating some kind of lookout!! 
  • Pavey walkingroads!!
  • Benches for buttparts!! 
  • Pretty big and stuff!! 
  • Sooperclose to rollycar roads!! 
  • Lots'nlots of floatybirds plus even wayMORElots of floatybird POOP!! 

Hi, you guys!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ

Truestory I am feelings sorta confuselled 'bout this park!! It has lotsa nice features and stuff, butt I am not even joshing it is hard to have HappyFunTimes at 'cuz of alla the poop!! Seriousface!! 

So to me this looks like a 'nother one of those STORM WATER MANAGEMENT parks that are called SWMs. Yes. Butt this one is called a PS. I dunno what that stands for, guys!!
Maybe it stands for POOPING SPOT!! Ha ha!! OK!! Now I am joshing with you!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ

Anyhoozle, there are TOO (2) big puddleponds with a walkingroad right through the middleparts!! Yup!! Maybe it is just one gigantical puddlepond with a walkingroad through the middleparts. I am not so sure!! Butt mostly this park looks pretty nice!! Yes!! Mostly!! There is lotsa walkingroads plus 'cuz they are all pavey, even friendlypals in rollychairs can come hang out!!  

It is pretty shinynew, 'cuz they were doing lotsa workerman work 'round here last yeartimes, so that is why I came to have a looksee this yeartimes!! Yes. Plus looks like they are not even all done yet!! At the top of the little hillparts looking over the puddleponds, they are builderating some sorta lookout sorta spot or somethings!! So fars there is just a bench for buttparts, plus there are some big metal sticks poking outta the ground, so maybe they are gonna build a little fort or somethings to keep the sunsmiles off while you are sitting plus looking at the puddleponds!! 

Basically this is a nice, wideopen chunk of place that would be 'mazing for doing romantical walkingtimes 'cept for 'couple things: Yes. Thing number WON is.... no shadyparts. Yes. That is not so hot. INmean... that is TOO HOT. Yes. You know what I mean!! Thing number TOO is this place is pretty close to sooperbusy rollycar roads, so safetystrings on, guys!! PLUS... thing number FREE is... POOP!! SO MUCH POOP!! 

Great googilymogily is there lots'nlots of floatybird poops, guys!! I am sooperseriousface!! That was not so fun!! It was soopertough to even walk a 'cross one times 'cuz there was so much!! It is nice that the floatybirds have such a sooperpretty spot for hanging out in, plus floating in and stuff, butt how 'bout you guys poop all in one place or somethings for crying out Pete!! 

Sorry park, butt 'till the floatybirds start cleaning up their poops, you are pretty hard to hang out in, buddy!! Yes!! Butt prolly I will come back to see what you are builderating at the LOOKOUT!!