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DOODLE THOMASON ( 2003-2016)

DOODLE THOMASON ( 2003-2016)

Hey, guys. Shanksh for coming and stuff. 💜

These RainbowValley Memorials are soopertough, butt for me allatimes sooper'portant. Yes. One of our friendlypals has a heart all full-up with hurtings 'cuz her puppy went over the RainbowBridge. So now is the times for being friendly...

Now it is up to us to show we care plus that our friendlypal is not all by her lonesome. Nope. Plus that we have big piles of HappyHeartHugs for helping make her hurty heart feel littlebits better. 

'Cuz that is what friendlypals are for, amirite?? 'Course. Okeedoke...... *ahem* .....

My storytimes 'bout DOODLE THOMASON starts when he was alreadytimes FURTEEN (13) yearsold, guys. Yes. He was an oldentimer, senior-type miniature Poodle. I dunno what happened 'fore that. Maybe nobuddy does. Maybe he was a 'portant business-type puppy who made lotsa dollarpennies inna soopertall buildingtower. Maybe he was a special sneakyspyman who went on 'mazing missiontrips. Maybe he made sooperfun toys for the Holidaytimes Pajamaman. Dunno. Butt... for some reasonings, it all ended when Doodle, found hisself inna animal rescue shelterhouse being furteen yeartimesold. 

Guys... It is soopersad when oldentimer puppies get put in shelters. It puts hurtings in my HappyHeart. It happens for lotsa differenter reasons, butt it can be real tough for oldentimer puppies to find a shinynew foreverhome, 'cuz most peoples only want cute PUPPY-type puppies, you know?? Guys..... I am here for telling you there are no hearts bigger, plus so good at luvings as the kind in oldentimer puppies. They are the bestest at it. They have been doing practicetimes their whole entire livingtimes, even!! 'Course... saying the lastest nightynightimes is sooperhard, so most peoples don't want to 'dopt a puppy who they will have to say nightynightimes to so soon. Butt guys..... It is totally worth it. Just ask the peoples that have.
Like our friendlypal, Carolinethomason. 

See.... our friendlypal Carolinethomason found Doodle in that shelterhouse plus KNEW right away he was special. Sooperspecial, even. She knew he was oldentimer. She even knew he was already feeling littlebits sickybicky, butt she knew he was perfectal too. Perfectal for her. His brightlybrown lookingmarbles were full-up with magicalish lovings. He was just soopersad 'cuz he had nobuddy to share it with!! So soon as they saw each other,  it was LOVINGS AT FIRST LOOKINGS, guys. 

Then Doodle lived his last livingtimes in the Texasplace with his shinynew Mum. His Heart was getting oldentimer, plus sickybicky too, butt that neverever stopped Doodle from giving HappyHeartHugs plus snugglesnorts. He luvluvloved to give lovings. Plus he luvluvLOVED bellyrubs, too!! He would even tell you not to stop!! Ha ha!! Plus he luvluvloved the sunsmiles. Basically he knew what it was alla 'bout, guys. Yes. LOVINGS. Lots'nlots of lovings. 

Butt last weektimes Doodle's oldentimer heart got waymoresickybicky. He was coughing lots'nlots. He was having lotsa trouble being his happy self. Yes. He was still give lovings, though. Getting his belly rubbed. Laying in the sunsmiles, plus saying shanksh to his shinynew Mum for letting him luv her. Butt now he was hurtings too. Too much. It was times for him to go. 

It is the most toughest job for Mums plus Pops to say nightynightimes guys, butt mostly they know. They know when their puppy has had all the lovings they need. That they can hold in their sickybicky oldentimer parts. One day they will look at you differenter. Plus say somethings like... 

"Nightynightimes, Mum. I luvluvlove you always plus forevertimes. Butt now it is times for me to go. I will wait for you, though. Long as it takes, too. For my next bellyrubs. Plus when I see you nextimes I will have a happy, healthy heart full-up with lovings to share with you." 💜

Nightynightimes, Doodle...
You are a good boy. Your Mum misses you forever plus everever. She misses meeting you at the door. Rubbing your belly. Plus she will always have lovings in her heart... just for you. 

H💜 H💜 H💜

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