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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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I have 'cided to start a sooperspecial holidaytimes called...
HAPPY💜HEART💜HUGS💜DAY!! I am not even joshing!! 

It is gonna be on the JUNE 28times 'cuz that is the daytimes Mum plus Pop brought me to our foreverhome plus covered me in gigantical piles of HappyHeartHugs and stuff!! Seriousface!! 

Butt... I am wonderthunking... what is HappyHeartHugsDay gonna be alla 'bout!!?? It is gonna happen every yeartimes for JUNE 28, plus it is gonna be alla 'bout sending HappyHeartHugs to peoples who reallyreeeeelly need them, butt.....

I wanna hear from alla YOU GUYS!! What would you like to be the sooperperfectal TRADITION that we do every yeartimes for HappyHeartHugsDay!!?? 

Tell me alla your thinkingthoughts, guys!! I wanna know, plus I wanna make this the most funnist, most Happiest daytimes in the whole entire yeartimes, so let's do it!! Let's have HappyFunTimes builderating our very own HOLIDAYTIMES, K? K!! 

Promiseface I will read every wordybit you post here plus latertimes on JUNE 28, I am gonna post the 'fficial, for reals descriptional wordybits of what HappyHeartHugsday is, plus what it is for, plus how everybuddy can help celebrate and stuff!!  Butt firstofalls I wanna hear from YOU!! 
What would put Happy in your Heart, every JUNE28times!!?? 

H💜 H💜 H💜