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Park Review #434

Snort Index Rating 1.0 SNORTS!!


457 Riverside Drive, 
London, Ontario, Canada


  • This park was unpossible to find!! 
  • Butt I totally found it, guys!! 
  • It is not a park for visiting!!
  • So it was hiding like a sneaky ninjaman!! 
  • Just a teensy corner of place wayfarback behind peoplehouses!! BUTT I FOUND IT!! 

Guys!! Guys!! I am so sooper'cited!! 😜

Did you know!!?? This park has been giving me the beans for sooperlongtimes!! Yes!! It is on the firstest page of my sooperlong list of parks, so I see it with my lookingmarbles every daytimes, plus me plus Pop have been hunting for it forevertimes!! We go back plus forth, plus allover 'round where it is supposed to be every once inna whiles trying to figure out just where this park is hiding, plus know what!!?? .......... I FINALLY FOUND IT, GUYS!! YUP!! 😜 😜 😜 

Basically this park is hiding wayfarbehind a whole buncha peoplehouses. Yes. It is not for reals at the addressybits where my list says it is!! Not even!! I am thinkingthoughts it USED to be real easy to get to, butt then alla these peoplehouses gout builderated in FRONT of it!! Yes!! Inna teensy neighborhood kinda-thing with no real rollycar streets or anythings, just sorta a neighborhood complex sorta thing, so now it is allaways BEHIND alla those peoplehouses in leftover space 'tween the peoplehouses and the rollytrain road!! YUP!! That is what I am thinkingthoughts!! 

So it is pretty much obvious this park is not for visiting, guys!! Nope!! Basically this is a 'nother park that is alla 'bout taking care of wet, waterystuffs. Yes. Basically it is a drain for where waterystuffs can get collected safe without washing a 'way peoplehouses and stuff!! That is someofthetimes how I can find these soopertough ones!! I just do thinkingthoughts 'bout "HOW DO MY CITYPALS WHO DO WORKERMAN WORK FOR PARKS PLUS RECREATION DEPARTMENT GET TO THIS PARK!!??" Yes!! There has to be a ways for the workermans plus their rumbletrucks to get to the park to take care of it, amirite!!?? 'Course!! So that is what I found!! 

What I found is that you have to go allaways THROUGH this teensy neighborhood to the very backparts!! There is a dead end there, plus a wall made of stickybits. If you go ROUND the wall, there is a skinny sorta hallway that takes you to the very backparts of this whoe entire property where there is a GATE!! Yes!! A metal gate with a lock onnit plus THAT is where the workermans can get to a gigantical drain next to the rollytrain road!! THAT is when I knew I had founded it!! YES!! 

Now.... 'course.... this park is pretty snoring, plus like I say, it is not for visiting or anythings, so it is not too interestingal once you are there, butt great googilymoogily did it feel AWESOMETIMES to find it!! Seriousface!! Truestory this park has stuffs that is sorta nice 'cuz there is lotsa leafytrees plus little hills, plus that sooperweird outsideplace hallway is sorta cool, butt.... basically this park is not for puppies or peoples. Nope. It is just for wet, waterystuff to burble on through. Yup. 

Shanksh for playing the HIDEY-GO-SEEK GAME, park!! You were driving me crazybananas and stuff, butt I finally found you, so now I can give YOU the beans!! Ha ha!! 😝 😝 😝