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Park Review #6

Snort Index Rating: 4.5 SNORTS!!

805 Gideon Road (approx.) 
London, Ontario, Canada


  • 'MAZING walkingroads!! 
  • LOTSA leafytees for shadybits!! 
  • Burblecreeks plus MisteRiver too!!
  • Sooperbeautifullish everywheres!!
  • Steve the Deer lives here!!
  • Was my most favoritist and everythings!! 

Yup. Guys......

Truestory for reals no joshing seriousface I am littlebits bummed. Littlebits. See... last yeartimes Me plus Mirabelle plus Mum plus Pop found out they were gonna do a whole buncha workerman work at one of our most favouritist parks!! Komoka Provincial Park!! That is what lotsa peoples call KOMOKA TRAILS!! Yup!! Plus when they were all finished, I was sooper'cited to go back to see everythings that has changed!! Plus this is my most favouritist of alla the parks I get to see real regular, PLUS...  this is where my buddy STEVE THE DEER lives too!! So basically we have awesometimes whenever we go to this park!! BUTT... when we finallytimes got to go... even though we still had the bestest times.... I got littlebits bummed out. Yup. So I was thinkingthoughts I had better redo my park review, 'cuz for the first in evertimes.... I am gonna take a 'way half a snort!! Komoka Trails is not a FIVE SNORT RESORT ANYMORES, GUYS!!

Basically the dealio is this: 

Wayfarback in the 2013times when I just started my quest to see alla the parks in my city where I live, this was one of the firstest parks I everever saw!! Yup!! Truestory Komoka Provincial Park was my park review number (6)!! I KNOW!! Soon as I saw it, I luvluvloved it!! There are 'mazing wildertrails, lotsa burblecreeks, you can hang out with MisterRiver real easybreezy in 'couple places, plus it was all under leafytrees, so you could go even when it was stinkywarm!! Plus most Provincial Parks cost dollarpennies, butt not Komoka trails!! Nope!! It was totally FREE!! 

There was TOO (2) ways to get in Komoka Trails befores. Yes. My most favouritist way was off GIDEON DRIVE. It was just a teensy little parking rodeo (parking lot), butt it was real close to leafytrees, so you did not have to get stinkywarm hardly at alls!! Then we met MARCEL THE BOY!! Plus he told us alla 'bout the OTHER way in off OXFORD STREET!! It was pretty cool too, 'cuz you could get to MisterRiver waymorefaster, butt I did not think the wildertrails were as cool, so we would mostly still go to the Gideon Drive rodeo. Plus that is how it was forever plus everever. TILL THIS YEARTIMES. 

Then they said they were gonna fix it all up plus add some shinynew stuffs. I was 'cited!! So when I finallytimes got to go back, I could not even hardly wait!! I can say for reals no joshing we still had the bestest times, butt mostly the changes made me littlebits bummed out. Yup. 

Firstofalls, both of the oldentimer ways to get in are all closed up now, guys!! There is even fencingates with big wordysigns on them saying you can't leave your rollycar there anymores!! Nope!! See... they have builderated a shinynew parking rodeo rightabouts b'tween the oldentimer ones!! It is still on GIDEON DRIVE, butt waymorecloser to OXFORD STREET!! Prolly at 'bout 805 Gideon Drive or so. I am not so sure 'cuz they have not even updated their interwebsnet site yet!! 

Anyhoozle, the shinynew parking rodeo is 'MAZING!! There is lotsa roominess, plus fancy poopclosets, plus even lightnigbulbs for when it is dark!! Yup!! There is trashycans plus even a compostery MOLOK too!! For reals it is real fancy plus nice and stuff, BUTT.... they added one more things that is not so awesometimes!! A PARKINGROBOT!! Yes. This parking robot is there to take your dollarpennies 'cuz you can't get into Komoka Trails anymores 'less you pay, guys. 

  • $5.25 - 2 hours
  • $7.50 - 4 hours
  • $14.50 - 24 hours (Weird 'cuz you are not 'llowed to be there after dark!!) 
  • $115.00 - Year Pass to all Provincial Parks 

Yup!! Plus worstest part is, if you do not use up alla your times, you can't even give it to a 'nother friendlypal!! Nope!! The parkingrobot makes you tickletype in your rollycar licence plate 'fore he will give you the parking pass!! I KNOW!! Plus if you are just thinkingthoughts 'bout how to beat the parkingrobot by parking on the side of the rollycar road somewheres - NOT SO MUCH!! You will not even bleeve how many NO PARKINGTIMES wordysigns there are allaways up plus down alla the rollycar roads near Komoka Trails. Basically 'less you are walkingtimes or maybe riding yor cyclebike, you gotta pay some dollarpennies to get in. Yup. 

A whole 'nother thing that is not so 'mazing nowabouts is WHERE the shinynew parking rodeo is. Yes. It is almostly right in the middleparts b'tween the old ones. That sorta seems like a good thinkingthought, butt what we found out is that now it takes waymorelots of walkingtimes to get to the places we luvluvlove to go!! Like (15 -20) minutetimes more at least!! Yup!! Plus it is out in the openparts with no shadybits at all, so mostly that extra walkingtimes is out in the stinkywarm sunsmiles!! That was sorta tough for me plus Mirabelle, guys. Just sayin'. 

Butt... I get it though, guys. For reals I do. The dollarpennies you pay is for taking care of The Naturemama. I am alla 'bout taking care of the Naturemama, guys!! Seriousface!! Butt there is somethings that is putting littlebits of sadliness in my Heart to think lastyeartimes everybuddy could come to Komoka Trails for FREE. Butt this yaertimes they have to pay dollarpennies. 'Course peoples with lots'nlots of dollarpennies will come anyways, butt it is the peoples who do not have very many that will prolly not come anymores. Prolly. Plus that is a bummer. 

Komoka Provincial Park is still my most favoritist park to exploradventure in. It is still beautifullish with the bestest wildertrails plus burblecreeks plus the bestest places to hang out with MisterRiver plus the NatureMama plus all her babies too!! I am not even joshing when I say it fills my Heart with Happy to be there!! Butt... Now it is gonna be for special trips only 'cuz now it will take some of Mum plus Pop's dollarpennies to go. 

Shanksh, park!! I still luvluvlove you the mostest!! Butt prolly I will not get to see you so much anymores!! Say "HI!!" to Steve for me, plus I will see you latertimes, K? K!! πŸ’œ πŸ’œ πŸ’œ


*Before Archie launched his website, his park reviews were much shorter, typically featuring only one photo and one paragraph. 

609 Gideon Drive
(*Highest likemendation!)

This is my sooperfavoritist place to go exploradventuring plus this is where I play the Hidey-Go-Seek Game with my friendlypal Steve the Deer! He's the bestest at hiding!! I have only seen him one times so far! Yup!! There are tons of cool, windy wildertrailstrails, burblecreeks for cooling off your undercarriage, plus even a couple sandybeaches to hang out with my bestest buddypal, MisterRiver!! Guys, there is even a gigantical crooked hill at the wayfarbackparts you will not even bleeve! I am not even joshing!! 

Archie's original Komoka Provincial Park Review photo from September 17, 2013.