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Goodmorningtimes, everybuddy!! 😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️

Wakeywakey, eggsn'bakey too!! Yup!! I am sooper'cited, plus feelings littlebits nervousness 'cuz know why!!?? 'Cuz it is HAPPYHEARTHUGSDAY  FOR CRYING OUT PETE!! I am not even joshing!! .......................

For everypeoples who do not know, HappyHeartHugsDay is a sooperspecial daytimes for sharing HappyHeartHugs with peoples allover everywheres!! Yup!!

PLUS... it is alsotimes my ADOPTAVERSARY too!! Truestory!! This is the daytimes Mum plus Pop broughted me home to move in with them, so it is sooperspecial for me, plus that is how come I wanted it to be HappyHeartHugsDay for everybuddy else and stuff too!! IKNOW!! .........................

DID YOU KNOW!!?? I tried sooperhard for sooperlongtimes to get 'fficial recognition for HappyHeartHugsDay too, plus last yeartimes IT HAPPENED FOR REALS!! Isn't that 'mazing!!??

Now it is a forever plus everever special holidaytimes that everybuddy can find out a 'bout on DAYSOFTHEYEAR.COM!! IKNOW!! Hee hee!! *BUTTWIGGLE* ...........................

OK!! I am getting all 'cited in my brainmelon, so let's start at the startingparts, K? K!! 



HappyHeartHugs © [hap-ee-hahrt-huhgz]
* expression *

*The central conceit of Archie's belief system is based on his unconditional love and appreciation for all living things. “HappyHeartHugs” is the active exchange of unconditional brotherly love shared between people or groups, delivered as a conceptual, typically non-physical "hug", often across great distances, in an attempt to recognize, cheer, soothe or otherwise relieve and uplift an intended individual or group.

* Archie believes that it is up to each of us as individuals to actively love unconditionally and appreciate everyone and everything in our world - including ourselves. He believes that by freely giving and openly receiving universal love and appreciation, we can create a worldwide community of peaceful joy, physical well-being, and mutual appreciation. 
His call to action is "GIVE SOME - GET SOME - HAPPYHEARTHUGS!", a variation of the age old life lesson; in order to receive love, you must FIRST give it to others in service of something greater than yourself.

* Always spelled with the three "H"'s capitalized when in print, and symbolized as a capital "H" followed by a heart repeated three times as an emoticon ( eg. H
💜 H💜 H💜 ). 

International HappyHeartHugsDay is about celebrating the power of positivity through acts of unconditional brotherly love and appreciation. 

Use the HappyHeartHugsDay profile pic from Archie’s Facebook page and post it as your own profile pic. Include the message: “June 28 is HappyHeartHugsDay: Give Some - Get Some - HappyHeartHugs!! H
H H ” 

Give a person or organization “HappyHeartHugs” and then post about it on Archie’s page so others can be inspired to send them HappyHeartHugs too! The act can be as small as simply sending a message/note/email/text with the HappyHeartHugs emoticon, buying a coffee for the next person in line, donating to a good cause, or as large and complex as organizing a HappyHeartHugs event in your area that will make a positive impact on your community. Any kind or charitable act will do! 
(* If you hashtag, use #HappyHeartHugs)

Send HappyHeartHugs to someone you feel deserves recognition for their efforts in helping others in need, then post about it on Archie’s page so others can be inspired to send them HappyHeartHugs too! (* If you hashtag, use #HappyHeartHugs)

Give yourself some HappyHeartHugs! Enjoy a fun activity (eg. a quiet walk away from the phone/computer/TV, a night out to dinner/movie/play, the purchase of an item that you will appreciate daily and use to improve your life, or partake in some other HEALTHY “treat”. At times it can be much easier to show love and appreciation for others, but little is possible if we do not love and appreciate ourselves as well! 

So, help Archie make the world more loving and appreciative by celebrating HappyHeartHugsDay this and every JUNE 28 and remember:
SHARE SHARE SHARE!! Thanks, everybuddy!!

Okeedoke!! Got it, everybuddy!!?? Nowabouts do you know what HappyHeartHugsday is alla 'bout!!?? YOU DO!!?? 'MAZING!! 

Now for everybuddy who wants to get sooperdooper into it and stuff, here is a whole buncha sooperfun HappyHeartHugs graphical wordybits you can use for your PROFILE PIC or BANNER too!! Yup!!  Check them out, guys!! ................

Just SAVE them to your 'puterbox, then put them on your FayBo page or INSTAGRAM page or even your tweety TWITTER page too!! That will let everybuddy see, plus hopefully maybe they will want to get in on HappyHeartHugsday too!! YES!! 

That is 'portant 'cuz the more HappyHeartHugs that get shared, the nicer, plus more Happier our marbleworld will get, guys!! Truestory for reals I bleeve it with alla my Happy Heart!!

OH!! There is somebuddy who is getting HappyHeartHugs this daytimes!! YUP!! ......................


HappyHeartHugs for YOU, Uncle Danny!! 'YUP!! 'Cuz did you know!!?? I am full-up with shanksh you came to live in our buildinghouse with MUMUM plus POPOP!! You make everythings waymorefunner 'roundabouts here, plus I luvluvloved to brainlearn lots 'bout the KOREAplace you came from too!! Shanksh for being so.... AMAYZAZING!! H❤️H❤️H❤️ ...............

That is how you do it, guys!! Now is the part for thinkingthoughts 'bout WHO you are gonna share HappyHeartHugs with!! 

Maybe it is your sweetie who you are not in the same 'zact place with!! Maybe!! Maybe it is somebuddy in your familypack who is wayfaraways!! Maybe a friendlypal you have not seen for sooperlongtimes, but who is sooperspecial to you!! Or MAAAAAAAAAAAAYBE it is just somebuddy you ADMIRE!! Yes!! Somebuddy you want to say...."I THINK YOU ARE A 'MAZING!!" to!! Yes!! 'Cuz maybe they do lots'nlots of workerman work you think is sooper'portant, or maybe they just need some encoragemental wordybits 'cuz you know they are having toughtimes plus could use some extra lovings!! Basically it can be anybuddy who is 'portant to YOU!! 

Basically it is the kinda hug you can send to anybuddy who is anywheres!! That is what makes HappyHeartHugs so 'MAZING, guys!! YES!! .....................................

MUM says it is times for our yummysummies, guys!! SO... we gotta go-go-go!! BUTT... when you know who you want to send some HappyHeartHugs to, just write them some nice wordybits on the FayBo (Facebook) or the INSTAGRAM or the TWITTER, plus tell them how come you want to send them some, plus just end your wordybits with...

.......HappyHeartHugs for you!! 

then the 'fficial wordybits symbol for HappyHeartHugs that look like THIS: 


The Heartparts are normaltimes RED, butt your hearts can be ANY COLOURPARTS you want!! Yup!! Even differenter colourparts work too!! Mirabelly luvluvloves PLURPULL ones like THIS:



Okeedoke, guys!! 😊💜😊💜😊💜

All ready!!?? All set!!?? All sooper'cited to GO-GO-GO share some HappyHeartHugs!!?? 

AWESOMETIMES!! That is how come me plus Mirabelle plus the whole entire Brindlebunch luvluvlove you guys so much sooperlots!! Yup!! Plus that is how come all of us are saying to all of you... 

HappyHeartHugs for YOU!! 


HappyMerry HappyHeartHugsDay, guys!! There is nobuddy we would more rather share HappyHeartHugs plus HappyHeartHugsDay plus my Adoptaversary with, so 'member to not forget: this is for putting Happy in Hearts, plus that means YOURS TOO, so have some fun and stuff for crying out Pete!! 

Let's go put some Happy in Hearts, K? K!! 

Luvluvlove you guys!! 

H❤️H❤️H❤️ *

(* times eleventy majillion!!)