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Park Review # 413

London, Ontario, Canada - Snort Index Rating 1.0 SNORTS!!

Not much going on here, everybuddy!! Nope!! Just lotsa wilderwild!! Not even a park, so much!! Plus truestory for reals I was hoping there would be CHEESE!! Butt not even!! 😊 😊 😊

*Peoples In My Neighborhood* 

Guys!! Last weektimes I got to visit GOTHAM STUDIOS where they make the most 'mazing-ist picturestories prolly in all of everywheres!! Prolly!! Plus best part!!?? They made sooper'mazing picturestories of ME, ARCHIE BRINDLETON!! I will show you!!  😃  😃  😃 

Park Review # 371

London, Ontario, Canada - Snort Index Rating: 4.0 SNORTS!!

This park is part of a bunch of gigantical parks called WESTMINSTER PONDS!! Yup!! This one is sorta secret 'cuz the only way in to the walkingtrails is not marked real good plus it is inna totally differenter place than the 'ficcial adressybits!! Butt I will show you 'ZACKLY where to go!! Yup!! 😊😊😊