This is the place where I say SHANKSH to alla the companypals who help take care of me plus Mirabelle!! 


RAWCO Raw Dog Food: The Best Food For Your Best Friend

Archie's Pop first met the RAWCO team at the London, Ontario PAWLOOZA DOG FESTIVAL in 2013 and they quickly hit it off. Archie had just turned one year of age and was just starting to show signs of significant allergies and sensitivities. As owners of a very sensitive gentleman puppy, Mum plus Pop were always looking out for new and innovative food companies and RAWCO immediately stood out. Previous to working with RAWCO, Archie had been fed other raw food diets with decent results, but it wasn't until he was on RAWCO and RAWCO's Pet Nutitionist, Marisa Pavan, began closely monitoring his stool and providing incredibly helpful advice, that Archie began to get better. We are so grateful to the entire team at RAWCO for their interest in partnering with Archie, for their love-infused foods and for their wonderful care of both Archie and Mirabelle. Please support this wonderful company and enjoy the many benefits their services provide.  


Marisa Pavan - RAWCO Pet Nutritionist (and Harley Dean)

Marisa Pavan - RAWCO Pet Nutritionist (and Harley Dean)

Adam Kool - RAWCO Orders and Delivery Service Captain

Adam Kool - RAWCO Orders and Delivery Service Captain

Sue Glass of Liberty & Love has been wonderful enough to license Archie's likeness and incorporate his portraits into a series of beautiful rings, pendants and earrings!!   

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Samantha Rose Photography is a regular contributor of this blog and we would like to direct your attention to Sam's Facebook page where you can see many more of her beautiful photos of not only Archie plus Mirabelle, but also Sam's own Frenchie and bestest friendlypal of Archie plus Mirabelle, MARCEL!! 

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Archie and Mirabelle are not sponsored by, but are proud to represent the following companies. 

*We do not get paid a fee to promote these products.  We use them ourselves and encourage you to consider them and support the wonderful people who make them. 



Mirabelle's "friendlyboy" Marcel the Frenchie introduced us to Brody and Jenn of BROD'S PARACORD REVOLUTION and we became promotional partners shortly after. Everything they produce is hand-made of the highest quality paracord and we think you'll find their personal, friendly customer service refreshing as well.  

Click here to visit the BROD'S PARACORD REVOLUTION Etsy Shop

To receive a 10% discount on any orders placed, use the following discount code: ARCHIE10


In July of 2015 owner  Chris (Krzysztof)  Nowakowski wrote to Archie and asked if he's be interested in representing the SAFEPET.EU pet tags. At first, we weren't sure what to make of them because they were so different from anything we'd seen before, but once we had the samples in our hands, we were impressed. The quality is excellent. And although having proper ID on your pet is important every day, these tags create incredible peace of mind while travelling. We love the wallet-sized versions for Mum and Pop to carry as well! 

Click here to visit the SAFEPET.EU website

To receive a 10% discount on any products, use the following discount code: ARCHIE10