The Story of...

Once upon a time, in London, Ontario, Canada...

January 8, 2013:
ARCHIBALD FLUBBERFORD BRINDLETON is born with much fanfare to a litter of four by a beautiful, loving mother and a powerfully burly father.

  • ARCHIBALD (Archie)
  • FLUBBERFORD ("flubber" because he is flubbery and "ford" because he is handsome like Robert Redford)
  • BRINDLETON (his coat is a brindle black, the "brindle" referring to the tiger stripe-like pattern in his coat)

His culturally diverse background includes French birth parents (He is a French Bulldog), English nannies (The Ladies of Victory Bulldogs) and Canadian adoptive parents (Mum plus Pop). His glorious ears immediately set him apart from his three loving sisters and instantly launched his meteoric career as a world-famous (not really) male canine model and all around handsome, gentleman puppy. 

Not one to rest on the laurels of a modelling career, and yearning for a more "funfilling" life (including more naps and snacks, of course) Archie began pursuing other interests that he felt would make the world a better, happier place for everyone.

He is proud of his time spent as a tested and approved St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog and learned a great deal about spreading joy on his assigned "Happy Heart Missions" to the Mount Hope Centre for Long-Term Care. He has since left the organization to become a "freelance" Therapy Dog and is now the Official Therapy Dog of Western University Engineering. He has also visited Fanshawe College, McCormick Home, The Bereaved Families of Ontario, the HIV/Aids Connection and in most cases, any organization or person needing love.  

On Mondays, he would post his now famous ASK ARCHIE advice column to help (or merely entertain) as many of his friends as he could with advice, insights and fun stories to lift the spirit. But...
ASK ARCHIE became so popular that it was impossible to keep up with the sheer volume of requests, so Archie has halted the feature until he figures out another way to bring it back in a more manageable form. If and when his newsletter launches, the current plan is to feature it there.

His THINKINGTHOUGHTS FROM MY BRAINMELON comments are also posted regularly (but NOT on a scheduled day) in which Archie explores and reflects on the world around him and shares his insights on how we might all find and share more 'Happy" in our lives. 

A more recent feature of his page is Archie's pragmatic STUFF THAT HELPS posts, where Archie will talk in detail about one of the many interesting foods, products or tips that he employs to help keep him healthier and happier, in body, mind, and of course, happy heart. 

In August of 2014 he launched ARCHIE BRINDLETON'S DOOP DEE DOOP TROOP, named after the song he likes to sing while exploring park spaces and points of interest all over his city and beyond! In this special gallery, he posts pictures of his puppypals from all over the world in interesting places with some background on both the puppy and the landmark location. If you'd like to join the DOOP DEE DOOP TROOP, look for the gallery and click on the logo page to find out more! 

FUN FACT: At only seven months of age (4 people years) and after extensive DNA testing by several labs from around the globe, it was confirmed that, in fact, Archie is made almost entirely out of Awesome.
 Currently his biggest project is the pursuit of attaining the title of "CANADA'S PARKMASTER GENERAL". It began as a quest to visit, explore and write a review of every single official park space in his home town of London, Ontario, Canada. Although more parks have now been built, Archie actually achieved his goal and visited all of London's 461 (at that point) parks. It took him three years and he now ventures outside the city to the parks of other cities and towns, Provincial Parks, Conservation Areas and interesting tourist destinations all over Ontario and beyond. As of spring 2018, he has visited over 560 parks, and you can find his ratings and pictures in the gallery called PARKS I HAVE BEEN TO! 

In 2016, after achieving (at least temporarily) his first goal of reviewing every park in London, Archie set out to visit other points of interest in his city and wrote to the LONDON FIRE DEPARTMENT to ask if he could visit and make a video of a tour of a Fire Hall. He was invited to meet with members of the department at Fire Hall #1 and when he arrived was shocked to be led into a meeting room containing the FIRE CHIEF, DEPUTY CHIEF, LONDON CITY HALL COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER and other high ranking officials waiting for him. At the end of that meeting Archie was offered a position as OFFICIAL FIRE SAFETY DOG for the London Fire Department and he remains fiercely proud of his work as a fire safety educator for London and the surrounding area.  

After working with the Fire Department for over a year Archie was nominated for a province-wide ONTARIO FIRE MARSHAL'S FIRE SAFETY AWARD for helping to safe lives through education. He was invited to a prestigious awards ceremony in Toronto where he personally accepted his award in uniform. (* FUN FACT* Because Archie wears the same uniform as London's Fire Chief - the dress whites -he was in fact, the SECOND HIGHEST RANKING OFFICIAL IN THE BUILDING!!) 

In the spring of 2017 Archie became the first canine in history to be invited into London's CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS where he was officially recognized by then Mayor Matt Brown for his community service and charity work. 

On May 1 2014, his baby sisterperson, MIRABELLE ROSEBLOSSOM MERRIWEATHER was born and only a few short months later, moved in with her big brother to be his now constant companion and source of unconditional love (even when it means jumping on him and repeatedly slapping him in the face). 

Archie is well-known for his calm, mellow and gentlemanly personality, but his sister is definitely the YANG to his YIN. She is bold, excitable and bursting with "personality". Known as "THE BOSS WITH THE SAUCE", she has been known to take over his site occaisionally with her own brand of in-your-face love and affection. 

Adding to the posse of positivity now known as THE BRINDLEBUNCH, on May 26, 2017 Archie's extended family (Archie's MUM's parents, known as "MUMUM" and "POPOP") adopted an adorable Tibetan Spaniel that had been rescued from Korea named DANNY PAJAMAS. "Uncle Danny" makes regular cameo appearances on the site but "speaks" only in Korean. He is a very cheerful and excited little man who's physical appearance  has been described as "Two squirrels in a dog costume"! 

Please LIKE Archie's FACEBOOK PAGE and visit this site regularly as he will impart his elegant wisdom, share his inspiring photographs, tell stories, answer your questions, and even give advice on many subjects. Archie would love to lift your spirits and remind you of how beautiful our lives and our world truly is when you need it most.  (* A link to Archie's facebook page is at the bottom of this page in the "FOLLOW US" area - THANK YOU) 

Everyone here at the ARCHIE BRINDLETON INSTITUTE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL LIVING THINGS, (Known casually as THE BRINDLEBUNCH) is committed to Archie's doctrine of universal love and inspiration and hope that he (and we) can brighten your day just a little bit. 

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