No sweat! Archie and the rest of the Brindlebunch love to help wherever and whenever they can!

"Archie Brindleton" is an unofficial, family-based volunteer "organization" that wants to contribute positively to its local community and to our global network of like-minded online friends. We love to help people in need and are always "up" for the challenge of making a difference and creating some positive impact for people who need it most. 

If you or your organization would like to work with us or needs a little help promoting an event in a light-hearted and family-friendly way, then reach out and tell us your story. 

example: When one of Archie's fans in West Virginia, USA fans wrote to him in desperation to say he had been diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure, could not work, had been admitted to hospital and served a bill of $20K+ because his health care would not cover it, Archie and the Brindlebunch lept into action:
We found local sponsors to fund a road trip all the way to West Virginia, encouraged Archie's friends to meet us along the way, and after making a mini-documentary of our trip and the man's plight, helped raise thousands of dollars to pay his bills and keep him alive. THAT put "Happy in our Hearts" as Archie would say. 

We can't promise we can get involved in every cause, but if we can find the time (we are far from rich and remember this is all volunteer and even local trips cost time and money) we really would love to help make positive things happen. 

NOTE: We do NOT support for-profit companies or products and services we do not believe in. We will not support anything that is crass, or abrasive or inappropriate for children. We will not accept sponsorships or free products from companies and product lines we do not believe in or have no use for (At one point we were asked to help promote wrist watches! ???). Archie loves to share the products and services that have worked for him, but he is not a corporate shill who will promote any old thing just for money. That is not what we do. 

Archie believes in equality, inclusion and universal love for all people and all living things. He likes to support mental health and nature/wildlife conservation, and wants whatever he does and shares with his readers to lift their spirits and inspire others to do more of the same. Education and information that can help others is also important to us, so if that's you're thing, we would like to help you get that information to a bigger audience. 

Archie has previously worked with:

  • The Canadian Mental Health Association
  • The Kidney Foundation of Canada
  • Community Living London
  • St. John's Ambulance
  • The HIV/AIDS Connection
  • Bereaved Families of Ontario
  • Western University
  • Fanshawe College
  • The Fanshawe Pioneer Village
  • And lots of private citizens either in need or determined to give back to their communities! 

Tell us your story. Describe to us how we can help and let's start a dialogue to determine if we would make good partners. And, if everything comes together in a way that all parties are comfortable with, then...



email Archie and the brindlebunch at mrbrindleton@gmail.com