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Park Review #378

Snort Index Rating: 2.0 SNORTS!!


815 Windermere Road, 
London, Ontario


  • 3 baseballery fields!
  • some soccery stuff! 
  • Lotsa room for parking rollycars! 
  • sooperclose to Kilally Meadows ESA! 
  • not for puppies though!! 
  • safetystrings a sooper'portant! 

Hey, guys!! It was sorta dark'nstormy in the outsideplace, butt 'cuz I am a professional-type exploradventurer, I still got to see this park befores the wet, watery rainingdrops came!! Yup!! 

This park is a sporty-type park!! Yes!! I have found a whole bunch of this flavour of park in my city where I live, plus even though they sorta look sooperfun - NOT SO MUCH. Not for puppies anyways! 

Basically there is not so much to tell you 'bout 'cept for one sooperweird part!! Yes!! Basically this park is a big chunk of place that is all grassycarpet. Mostly all of it! Butt there are a whole buncha places for playing sportygames too!! Yup!! Mostly baseballery!! 

There are three whole entire baseballery fields plus one is pretty gigantical with lights on sticks and everything!! Yup!! Then there is a place for doing soccery-type stuff too, butt weirdest part was we saw a big 'ol cage-sorta-thing up off the ground plus when we got close there was a tennis court inside!! I am not even joshing!! The wordysign said it was where the LONDON PLATFORM TENNIS CLUB goes to hang out, butt I had never even heard of platform tennis before!! How weird is that, guys!! Pretty weird!! Sad part was it looked pretty oldentimer like nobuddy was keeping it all fixed up!! That is a bummer, 'cuz I would like to see peoples play that game!! Truestory!! 

Anyhoozle, that is mostly it, butt good news is that this park is real close to a soopercool way into KILALLY MEADOWS ESA. THAT park is sooperpretty plus awesometimes for exploradventuring, so maybe you can check that one out from here one day!! Maybe!! Shanksh, anyways, park!! 

The end. 

ASK ARCHIE: October 12, 2015