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  • Fanshawe Dam!!
  • Jillions of walkingroads!!
  • Camping Grounds and stuff!!
  • Floatyboat Club!!
    Pioneer Village!! 
  • Lotsa places for pickanicking!!
  • Costs to get in Aprill 22 - October 16!! 
  • Butt free after that!! 

Park Review #382

Snort Index Rating: 4.5 SNORTS!!


1424 Clarke Road, 
London, Ontario

Well, guys... this has to be one of the most gigantical plus awesometimes park I have ever been to in evertimes!! Yes!! Best part is it is not so fars away and stuff!! Truestory this park is a PROVINCIAL-type park!! Yes!! Waymorebigger than alla the city-type parks I go to normaltimes!! That means it has a whole buncha stuffs you neverever get to see in cityparks too!! Yup!! Butt alsotimes that means it costs dollarpennies to get in!! Yes!! BUTT... not after Octobertimes number 16 which is when we went!! Yup!! Some of it is all closed up after then, butt mostly you can see everythings for no dollarpennies!! I know!! 

So basically it is just on the edge of my London, Ontario where I live. Sorta close to the aeriobirdieplane port where everybuddy goes on flying trips. Yes. Butt out on the woodsyparts. The whole entire place is built 'round FANSHAWE LAKE!! Yup!! That is a real big puddlepond my GrumpyPop (my Pop's Pop) does his floatyboat sailing on allatimes!!  It is soopercool 'cuz that is where FANSHAWE SAILING CLUB is!! One day I wanna go on his floaty boat!! Yes!! Plus there is a real big camping-type ground for where you can sleep in the outsideplace, plus lotsa walkingroads, plus the most 'mazingist thing called FANSHAWE DAM!! Yes!! Fanshawe Dam is like a gigantical wall for keeping wet, wateryparts from getting too rowdy, guys!! Plus when it lets only littlebits trough at a time, know what!!?? It MAKES LIGHTENING  FOR MAKING LIGHTENING BULBS WORK!! How soopercool is that!!?? You can even ride your rollycar over Fnashawe Dam to go campingtimes or to go to see the PIONEER VILLAGE!! 'Member that place!!?? I got a VIP tour there one time plus bleeve you me it is AWESOMETIMES!! 

Basically this park is pretty 'mazing. Only thing keeping it from a FIVE SNORT rating is that mostly there are lotsa other peoples, plus usualtimes lotsa other puppies too, so it is sooper'portant to use safetystrings allatimes. Yes. No zoomers goofballery here, guys. 

But everything else is terrifical fun plus you should go!! 

The end. 


ASK ARCHIE: December 7, 2015