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Fergus Reed

Hi guys. 
Shanksh for coming, K? K. 

It means lots you guys would take some times to stop bye plus to say nice things to my sooperawesome friendlypal, Jessicadawncompton. Her Heart is broke plus all the Happy is falling out 'cuz her bestest puppypal, Fergus Reed went over the Rainbow Bridge today. Yes. He was an oldentimer puppy gentleman who was pretty sickybicky. His medicinestuffs were not working so good anymores, so..... he needed to go. Yes. 

That part of the story will punch you in the emotions, guys, butt I have a whole 'nother part that has happy smileyparts too, K? K. 

Did you know?? Jessica met Fergus on the interwebsnet! That is truestory!! See, he was a senior oldentimes puppy who needed a shinynew foreverhome. Nobuddy was 'dopting him, guys 'cuz he was already THIRTEEN!! Just so's you know that is NINETY-ONE for peopleyears!! I know!! Lotsa peoples don't want to 'dopt oldentimes puppies, butt know what!!?? Not my friendlypal Jessicadawncompton!! She has lotsa lovings to give to oldentimer puppies too!! She is like that!! <3 

Soon as Jessica saw his gentleman puppy face, her heart 'sploded allover everywheres, so she took him home and they started with being BFFs!! Yup!! It was pretty much magicalish. That was just six whole monthtimes a'go, guys. Just six. 

Some peoples might think that is not too many times, butt know what else? Not even! When you have six whole entire monthtimes of HappyHeartHugs with extra lovings plus cozypile snugglesnorts plus you get to look into his lookingmarbles plus stare at his gentleman puppy face with those crazybananas wiskerbits... that is lots. Lots'nlots even!! Amirite? 'Course. So basically what I am saying is they promisefaced to luvluvlove each other forever plus everever no matter what. Even if one had to go over the rainbow Bridge....................Like now ..............

Fergus Reed, we will miss your gentleman puppyface, plus your crazybananas wiskerbits, butt we will not everever forget you. Not even in evertimes. 

Rainbow Valley has a shinynew gentleman puppy, guys. Plus alla of your sickybicky is gone so you can do zoomers goofballery plus bestiewrestling just like when you were just a juniorperson! Now you are hanging out with RASCAL, Jessica's other puppypal who went over just one yeartimes a 'go so prolly you two guys are gonna have 'mazing adventuretimes allatimes. Prolly! 

We will come see you in the dreamingplace for hanging out plus sooperfun exploradventures plus my favoritist part will be hearing alla your storytimes 'bout how much your Mum luvs you plus how she filled your oldentimer Heart with Happy for six whole entire monthtimes. heart emoticon 

Nightynightimes, FERGUS. You are a good boy. 

We will see you latertimes, K? K. 

H <3 H <3 H <3 

"Archie, do you have any advice for Toronto mayor Rob Ford on his re-election campaign?"

Phoenix Freeman