Doop Dee Doop Troop!

Doop Dee Doop Troop: CHAUNCEY

Chauncey, The Great Alaskan Bully!Β 

Chauncey, The Great Alaskan Bully! 




originally posted on Facebook August 30, 2014

Okee Doke, everybuddy!! I am sooper'cited to introduce my first in evertimes Doop Dee Doop Trooper plus believe you me, she is a good one!! Yes!! 

It's CHAUNCEY, THE GREAT ALASKAN BULLY! Guys, if you are not her friend on Facebook yet, that is crazybananas! Check out her page and give her a LIKE for being so awesome, then come back to read her soopercool storytime storyparts!

Basically CHAUNCEY is sooper'mazing and truestory for reals she lives in The Alaskaplace! That's almost where the Holidaytimes Pajamaman lives! I know! She is a Pitbull Mix that got rescued five whole yeartimes ago by a sooperneato humanpal and now they have the bestest life together in prolly evertimes! 

CHAUNCEY is gonna tell us alla 'bout a soopercool magicspot in the Alaskaplace called a TOTEM PARK, guys! Totems are like picturestories made out of gigantical sticks! Here is the whole 'mazing storytimes by my sooperfriend, CHAUNCEY, THE GREAT ALASKAN BULLY!!!



"One day, earlier this summer, I took my Humans out for an Adventure, and thought it would be neat to go explore our local Totem Park. What is a Totem Park, you ask? Well, let me tell you! This place is known as Totem Bight State Historical Park, but it wasn't always like this. You see, many-Many-MANY years ago, waaaay back in the early 1900s, Non-Native settlements were growing…as the money-based economy grew with them, the ages-old bartering system faded away, so lots of Natives began moving to the communities where work was available. Moving meant leaving behind their Ancestral Homes, which included their amazing Totem Poles…it didn't take long for the forest and the weather to take over and start to erode and destroy them. In 1938, the US Forest Service started a Program to salvage, restore, or reconstruct (if necessary) these mammoth cedar Works-Of-Art. Skilled older Native Carvers were hired, along with Native-Youths who assisted and learned the Traditional-Arts of creating these incredible Poles. A place called Mud Bight was chosen to erect the Poles, and also for the construction of a Clan House. World War || put a damper on the construction efforts, but by that point a Clan House and 15 Poles were already in place, and the name was changed to Totem Bight. When Alaska achieved it's statehood in 1959 the land passed from the US Forest Service to the State of Alaska, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. Totem Bight State Historical Park is a Much-Loved local place, and is visited by LOTS of people every year. I personally think it's a super-neat place to go on an Adventure, and I'm really happy to Share it with you!! If anyone is interested in learning more information about this wondrous place, follow this link :"


UPDATE: Chauncey, The Great Alaskan Bully succumbed to very unusual injuries sustained in a fall and crossed over the RainbowBridge on August 4, 2015.  H ❀ H β€ H β€