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Doop Dee Doop Troop: LOLA & ROCCO

originally posted on September 27, 2014

It's Rocco plus Lola, guys!! Yup!! :) 


OK, everybuddy! This time our shinynew DOOP DEE DOOP TROOPERS are LOLA and ROCCO!!! 

Yup!! Did you know they live in the Californiaplace? Truestory! Real close to the wet, watery oceanparts in a little townyburg called ANTIOCH!! Yup!! Plus Antioch has a sooperspecial rodeoplace just for floatyboats called a MARINA!!! I am not even joshing! And that is where they made this picturestory, guys! 

Antioch Marina - source:

Antioch Marina - source:

Rocco is the little chihuahuaguy butt he is 8 whole yeartimessold!!! Can you even believe it??!! He looks awesometimes!! Must be all the Oceanybreezypuffs and California sunsmiles, amirite?? Prolly!! Plus did you know he was ‘dopted just a couple years ago when somebuddy was going DOOR TO DOOR trying to give him away??!! That is crazybananas, but Yaaaaaaaaay for his new foreverfamily for knowing a good thing when they saw it, right guys??!! YUP! His Mum says he is a “sweet Boy” who just wants to be loved and I can totally relate with that! “HI ROCCO!!” 😊❤😊❤😊❤

LOLA is only 3 whole yeartimessold plus she is an American Pitbully Terrier!! Yes! Plus she is sooperpretty plus loves to give lotsa kisseyfaces plus smootches allatimes plus loves her toys and ‘specially loves going on exploradventures!! Her Mum says she is funny ‘cuz she is totally a blankethog on the bigbed and if you say something she doesn’t like, she will just stare straight ahead and ignore you!! Hee hee!! She even snores sooperloud like a big burlyman too!! Ha ha!! But she is sooperloyal and loveydovey and made mostly out of awesome! “HI LOLA!!” 😊❤😊❤😊❤ 

Lola plus Rocco love to do exploradventuring in this Marina ‘cuz it has nice doggy walkingroads and a sooper’mazing view of the wet, wateryparts they call the “DELTA” There's a neato place right closeby called Humphrey's Restaurant and they named it that because waaayyy back in oldentimesdays like 1989 or ’90, a for reals HUMPBACK WHALEPERSON found his way all the way from the oceanparts to this little marina plus he stayed to visit for a few days! He was chillaxing for a whole entire week and stuff, guys!! ‘Course ‘ventually he swam back to the ocean, but he was everybuddy’s friendlypal so the city named him Humphrey and eventually the restaurant was named after him too!! How cool is that?? Lola and Rocco also like this Marina because there's another nearby specialspot, close to the walkingroads called Dow Wetlands and there are always pretty chirpybirds to see in there!!! 

So Shanksh to LOLA and ROCCO sooperlots for the awesometimes picturestories plus for telling alla us ‘bout their ‘mazing exploradventures!! That’s why they are awesometimes members of Archie Brindleton’s DOOP DEE DOOP TROOP!!! Shanksh for reading plus 'member: 


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