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  • off-lead dog park
  • beach 
  • bike trail
  • wading pool
  • rest rooms
  • concession stand
  • playground
  • picnic site


Park Review # 351

Sir Casimir Gzowski Park

Snort Index Rating: 3.5 SNORTS

2001 Lakeshore Boulevard West,
Toronto (Etobicoke York)
Ontario, Canada



This was soopercool for me 'cuz  this is one of my first in evertimes parks in a whole 'nother cityplace, guys!! Yup!! It was way over in the Torontoplace plus it was real close to both wet, wateryparts plus not too faraways from the 'MAZING CN TOWER!! That thing is crazybananas!! 

Anyhoozle, this park is waymoredifferenter than the ones back home plus there was lotsa stuff here I have neverever even seen at parks befores!! Truestory!! Like a place to buy snacks, plus a wading pool (perfectal for ME!!), plus a sandybeach, plus a walkingroad made of sticks, plus a buncha gigantical statue-thingys, plus lotsa regular stuff like a monkeyclimber inna nice playground part, plus washingrooms for doing chores, plus drinking fountains, plus waymorelots too!! Did you know this park was named after a man who helped build the choochootrain roads allaways 'cross the Canadaplace!!?? Truestory!! He sounds pretty cool to me!! "NICE JOB, MISTERCAZ"!! :) 

First we went to the puppyplayground and guys it was waymoredifferenter than puppyplaygrounds back home!! Yup!! For starters is was all covered in sandybits!! The whole entire place!! Yup!! Sorta cool, butt also it smelled sorta like a kittybox too. So that part was not so cool. Then we visited a big pointy stature with lions onnit that was made for the queen!! Of the Englandplace, guys!! Plus did you know even though the statuethingy is sooperhuge, it was moved from a whole 'nother place to a where it is now back in the 1989 times!!?? I am not even joshing you!! 

Then we walked on the boardwalk which is where you walk on boards, guys. Pretty straightforward. Yes. Plus then we checked out the beach which was sooperneato, but not 'mazing far as beaches go. Nope. I still luvluvlove the one at Pinery (Provincial Park) waymorebetter. Anyhoozle, then we saw some peoples plus stopped to talk with them then we hung out by the snackhouse then we went home. Allsinall this was a pretty awesometimes park!! Shanksh, park!! 

The end. 

Phoenix Freeman

"The Dapper Footerpillar Goes Walkingtimes"

"The Dapper Footerpillar Goes Walkingtimes"