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Park Review #187

Snort Index Rating: 3.5 SNORTS!!

Attawandaron Park / 
Medway Valley Ridge

1600 Attawandaron Road, 
London, Ontario


  • parking rodeo!
  • right next to soopercool museum!
  • real close to even waymore awesomer park! 
  • gigantical plus pretty secure too! 
  • Only few ways in! 
  • Trees on one side
  • peopleshouses on the other! 

OK, guys!! I dunno what the dealio is with this mysteriousish park that is not on my list, butt... 'cuz I am a professional-type park exploradventurer, I am gonna do a for reals review onnit anyways!! Yes!! 

See, I have a gigantical list from the citypeoples of London, Ontario that tells me where alla the 'fficial parks are hiding. Yes. I am pretty cool like that. Butt this one is not onnit!! I know!! BUTT it has a real 'fficial-looking wordysign that you can see in my picturestories, PLUS... it does not show up on mappyapps and stuff either!! So what is the deal, amirite?? Dunno. But it is actually pretty cool, so... LET'S DO IT!! 

This park is right beside the Museum of Ontario Archeology, guys. That is a pretty 'mazing place I am gonna get into one day. Promiseface. Plus, right across the parking rodeo, is a for reals native peoples village with teepees and everything!! THAT part I REALLY wanna go see sooperbad!!

Anyhoozle, that is where the wordysign is plus where the park starts. Yup. Basically it is real long plus sorta skinny, butt not too skinny -specially when you are innit 'cuz it is pretty big, guys!! On one side is leafytrees plus a big ridge that goes waydfardown to one of the most biggest parks in all of my London where I live: Medway Valley Heritage Woods!! Yup!! That is a 'mazing FIVE SNORT RESORT, guys!! You can even get to one of my most favoritist places just by walking 'round the museum! Yup!! 

Butt anyhoozle, this park is also pretty cool. So on one side is Medway Valley Ridge, plus down the whole OTHER side is the backsides of peopleshouses! Yes!! Most have fences, butt some don't guys, so 'member that!! Plus there are like three little walking roads in on that side too, butt they are no biggie. Basically once you are a ways away from the parking rodeo, it is sooperquiet, guys!! Prolly 'cuz nobuddy even knows this park is here!! Prolly!! 

There is not so much shadyparts, butt 'cuz it is mostly sooperquiet plus also 'cuz so many other soopercool spots are so close... I like this park!! It is pretty cool!! Shanksh, park!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

Me plus Mirabelle getting all wakeywakey in the bigbed!! Yup!! :)