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Park Review #363

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!

Third Street Park

234 Cairn Street, 
London, Ontario


  • part open green space!
  • part wood lot!
  • not much going on here, guys! 
  • I am getting hungry! 
  • I ate a snack! 
  • Now I feel waymorebetter! 

Well, guys. Truestory there is not much going on at this park. Nope. My friendlypal Mike VanHolst who is Councilorman for Ward 1 here in my London, Ontario asked me to come look at this park 'cuz I am a professional-type park exploradventurer. Yup. See, peoples who live near this park asked if he would come look at it plus maybe do something to fix it up. So then he asked me to come too!! Yes. I am getting pretty cool like that. :) 

Anyhoozle, the front part of this park by the rollycar road is just all grassycarpet. Littlewhiles a 'go the city planted a buncha trees, butt they are still teensy, so not much shadyparts yet, guys. 

The peoples that live here want to have a monkeyclimber plus some sooperstuff for their juniorpeoples to do goofballery on, 'cuz there is nothing for juniorpeoples to play on for longways in every direction! Yup!! 'CEPT... right across the rollycar road is a special school with awesome monkeyclimbers and everything - 'cept the juniorpeoples can't play onnit 'cuz they don't go to that school! I know!! It is not a perfectal situation, guys. Butt that is the story. 

In the wayback of this park is real thick woodsybits plus lotsa shrubadubs and stuff. It is kinda sketchy, actually. There was a teensy walkingroad that went wayback, so I followed it, plus then ALLASUDDEN I found a totally crazybananas hobo hideout!! Yes!! There was places for sitting, plus a place for making a burningfire and everything!! It was kinda gross, butt kinda awesometimes too!! Just not good for juniorpeoples to play on, guys. Knowhatimean?? Nope. So I took Councilor VanHolst to see it, then everybuddy went home to do thinkingthoughts. 

Alls I am saying is it would be waymorefunner at this park if it was just a little more snazzier and stuff. Like maybe they could builderate a FLUME RIDE, guys!! Yes!! That is what I am recommendationally thinkingthoughts!! Yup!! Whatcha think, park!!?? FLUMES ARE COOL!! 

The end. 


Me plus Mirabelle getting all wakeywakey in the bigbed!! Yup!! :)