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Chauncey, The Great Alaskan Bully

Shanksh for coming, guys. It means lots to me plus to Chauncey's Mums too. Yes. 

Oh, this one is real soopertough guys. So much hurtings in my heart. Truestory Chauncey has been real sickybicky for all of this yeartimes, butt befores that, she was so full of zoomers plus lovings plus she was my sooperhero, guys. She was the puppy who made me wanna do exploradventuring with The NatureMama and everything. I can't even hardly believe she is gone. Butt she is guys. 

So now is the times to 'member my friendlypal... 
the most beautifullist.. CHAUNCEY, THE GREAT ALASKAN BULLY...

My friend Chauncey lived in the Ketchican parts of the Alaskaplace, guys!! Yes!! It is right at the bottomparts of the Alaskaplace real close to my Canadaplace even!! She was recued from a shelter, then got to live a 'MAZING lifetimes of exploradventuring!! She had the most wonderfullist livingtimes 'cuz she had lots'nlots of lovings from more than eleventy thousand friendlypals on FayBo, plus she had a 'mazing family with two Mums, plus she got to live in a magicalish rainforest that was prolly one of the most awesome-ist places I have seen in evertimes!! 

When I started my FayBo clubhouse wayback in the oldentimes of 2013, Chauncey was one of my first in evertimes friendlypals. I did not have hardly ANY friendlypals, butt she already had big piles of them!! Yup!! And even though I was just a shineynew FayBo friend with hardly any friendlypals to share, Chancey shared me with alla her FayBo friends plus helped me out sooperlots. She was sooper'mazing plus full of lovings, guys. She was my sooperist of sooperheroes. She still is. heart emoticon 

Seeing her amayzazing woodsyplaces she got to do exploradventuring in really got me 'cited, guys plus it helped me choose to do exploradventuring here in the Ontarioplace!! Chancey helped me fall in lovings with The NatureMama, plus I wanted to go visit her plus meet her Mums plus get her to show me a 'round alla the soopercool places she got to see!! 

'Course when I started my Doop Dee Doop Troop, can you guess who was my first in evertimes Doop Dee Doop Trooper!!?? YUP!! It was Chauncey!! She sent me picturestories plus let me share her exploradventures with alla my friendlypals too and guys, just so's you know, that picturestory will be in my shinynew interwebsnet clubhouse forevertimes. Promiseface. 

Chauncey lived onna teensy little island with hardly any peoples anywheres, guys. Plus one of her Mums is a Captain of a floatyboat!! I am not even joshing!! Her life was like inna fairytailsbook and stuff!! For reals!! smile emoticon 

Butt... one day last yeartimes in the Octobertimes, she fell down real bad. And guys, it did not ever heal up right. 'Ventually Chancey had to wear special bandagewraps allatimes plus couldn't move a 'round so much. That was tough to see 'cuz she was so big'nstrong 'npowerful and stuff!! She was like an amazon princess puppy like the Wonderful Woman!! Yes!! Butt she wasn't so strong and powerful anymores. Plus she got worse. She got weaker, guys. Alla her friendlypals tried to help and gave her Mums lotsa dollarpennies to fly her special doctoranarians, butt it only helped for littlewhiles. She did not get better.

After trying and trying so many things, it did not look like she was going to get waymorebetter. So her Mums brought her home from the doctoranarians to say nightynightimes to her one more times. To spend her lasttimes in the wakingplace getting covered in lovings and surrounded allover by the magicallish rainforest she loved so much. They got to hold her paws plus fill her with the Happiest, most lovingist HappyHeartHugs in evertimes 'till it was time to go. She went over the RainbowBridge on Tuesday August number 4. 

My most friendliest of friendlypalsI am sending you gigantical piles of HappyHeartHugs with extra lovings. When I go out to the woodsyplaces; when I Doop Dee Doop in the shinygreenplaces with the chirpybirds plus sunsmiles giggling, I will alwaystimes think of you and your most beautiful faceparts. 

Nightynightimes, Chauncey. I will see you in the dreamingplace. H 
 H  H 

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