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"Now is The Times When We Are ALL MisterBowie"

"Dear Archie, I'm so sad that David Bowie died. I'm off work today & I don't want to do anything...just read tributes on the Internet & cry. Do you have any wise words that will make me want to go Go GO?" 

(* originally posted in "ASK ARCHIE" on Januray 11, 2016) 

Dianelesniewski I have lotsa ouchies in my Heart for MisterBowie too. Yes.

I neverever got to be inthesameplacefriends with him, butt we totally have the same Birthdaytimes, so practically we are like brotherpals and stuff. Alsotimes.... MisterBowie wa
s a sooperhero for my Pop, so it has been a tough morningtimes for my Pop too. Yup.

Pop says MisterBowie was sorta like alla the Sunsmiles or Moonface for when he was being all artsyfartsy and stuff. Even when MisterBowie was making artsystuffs my Pop didn't like as much, Pop was still sooperhappy to know MisterBowie was out there making coolstuff, doing coolthings plus making it cool to be sorta weird. Pop is sorta weird. Plus me too, amirite!!?? Sorta!! So.... I get it. Pop thought MisterBowie would be forevertimes. Butt truestory for reals nobuddy gets to be on this side of the bridge forevertimes. Not even MisterBowie. Nope. Butt.... sorta.

Whatiamsaying is... MisterBowie was an ARTISTPERSON. Yes. Plus alla his artsyness was for sharing with US. That is what artsyness is for!! He was in luvluvlove with making artsystuffs plus he got his artsyness INSPIRATION from allover everywheres!! YUP!! From The NatureMama, plus his friendlypals, plus other artsypeoples, plus lotsa other musicsounds he luvluvloved too!! Inspiration was a giftypresent from lotsa peoples, places, 'nthings to MisterBowie!! So.... in a ways, MISTERBOWIE, his whole entire livingtimes plus alla his artsystuff, plus even his sooperneato musicsounds was all a giftypresent from HIM to US. Now it is JUST for us. Now it is for US to give back!! See... now is the times that WE ARE MISTERBOWIE.

So it is sooper'portant for us to do something soopercool with it, so we can give INSPIRATION to even waymorelots of other peoples to do the next soopercool stuffs forever plus everever!! That is how it works!! YUP!! Plus I am thinkingthoughts that is the coolest in all of everythings!! :) 

So... it is AOK to have ouchies in your Heart, Dianelesniewski. 'Course it is!! Butt... do not let that stop you from being MISTERBOWIE. Go find lots'nlots of INSPIRATIONAL ARTSYBITS, plus do something cool with them!! Then latertimes, we can go to the dreamingplace to share with MisterBowie!! Prolly he will like it!! Prolly it will put Happy in his Heart!! Prolly!! It will put lots'nlots of Happy in mine, that is for reals!!

Shanksh for writing, plus sharing with me, Dianelesniewski!! HappyHeartHugs for you plus to alla MisterBowie's friendlypals too!! LET'S ALL BE MISTERBOWIE, K? K!! H
❤ H ❤ H ❤