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Hidey-ho, friendlypals!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

Fire safety dog Archie Brindleton here!! Shanksh for reading this sooper'portant fire safety message for how to check that your smokeylarms are not too oldentimer!! Yes!! .................

Last weektimes was FIRE PREVENTION WEEK, plus this yeartimes everybuddy is talkings 'bout how smokeylarms can stop working good when they get too oldentimer!!

Truestory for reals even if the lights are working, plus even if it still beeps loud when you test it and stuff, if your smokeylarm gets too oldentimer, then the little robots inside that smell for smokiness will prolly not be working anymores, so just like Sparky says...


Now is the part when I teach you how to check the date on YOUR smokeylarms, K? K!!
Here we GO-GO-GO!! ................

Firstofalls, me plus my baby sisterperson Mirabelle plus Mum plus Pop live in a teensy 'partmenthouse, so we have only TOO (2) smokeylarms. Yes. One is just outside our sleepingroom, plus the other one is in the cookery room over the chillerator winterbox (refrigerator)!! 

"According to NFPA, the risk of dying in a home fire is cut in half when there are working smoke alarms. While research shows that most NA homes have at least one smoke alarm, almost two-thirds of home fire deaths result from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.

Smoke alarms should be installed in every bedroom, outside every sleeping area, in every cooking area, and on every level of the home, including the basement. Large homes may require more alarms. Test your smoke alarms every month, and replace all smoke alarms in your home every 10 years."

'Course all of that is sooper'portant, butt this times we are talking just 'bout the last part: How to know if your smokeylarms are too oldentimer and should be replaced!! Pop took ours down for having a real good looksee, so now I can teach you how to CHECK THE DATE on the back!! It is pretty easy, butt only if you know HOW plus WHY!! ..................

Here is the firstest one!! It is the one from outside our sleepingroom!! 

This one looks pretty oldentimer, guys. Sure does. It is getting sorta YELLOW-Y and stuff, butt let's make sure we know FOR REALS just how oldentimer it is, K? First flip it over 'cuz that is where you can find out!!  .......

Click photo to enlarge

Can you see up near the top, on the left paw side it says "2009 Apr. 04". 

That means it was builderated in the 2009times, guys!! It is getting pretty oldentimer, butt it is not TEN YEARS OLD yet!! Nope!! Butt when it gets to be the 2019times, THEN it will be times for getting a new one!! 'Member: when smokeylarms are TEN YEARS OLD, it is time to get a new one!! Now let's have a looksee at the other one too!! ................

This one looks pretty shinynew, so prolly it is AOK, butt just 'cuz a smokeylarm LOOKS shinynew does not mean it is, guys!! Nope!! Not even!! Let's find out!! .............

WHOA!!  Do you see!!?? Plus even though this smokeylarm looks waymore shinynew, it is more oldentimer than the other one!! For this one the date is 'bout halfways down on the right paw side!!

This one was made in 2007times, so basically this is the last yeartimes it will be AOK!! Fact is, I am gonna ask our landlord for a shinynew one NOW 'cuz we are sooperclose to the 2017times, so it is pretty much times to replace this one!! Golly!! Good thing we are checking, guys!!  

Just goes to show!! You can't tell for sure 'less you CHECK THE DATE on the back!! ............ 

Now here are lotsa good questionthoughts plus answerparts too!! 

Click through to visit the official NFPA FAQ page

Click through to visit the official NFPA FAQ page

Why do I need to replace my smoke alarms every 10 years?

It is required that smoke alarms be replaced within 10 years according to NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. They are not permitted to remain in use longer than 10 year from the date of manufacture. Also, the manufacturer’s instructions for most smoke alarms state they are to be replaced when they fail to respond or after 10 years. Combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms must be replaced when the end-of-life signal sounds or 10 years after the date of manufacture, whichever occurs first.

How do I identify my smoke alarm’s date of manufacture?

Remove the alarm from the ceiling or wall. Look at the back or side of the alarm for the date of manufacture.

How do I replace a battery-powered smoke alarm?

Remove the smoke alarm from the ceiling by twisting the alarm to remove it from the ceiling plate. It is best to replace the alarm with the same manufactured alarm. The new alarm from the same manufacturer can be placed on the ceiling or wall plate. Twist to secure the alarm. Test the alarm to be sure it is working.

If you are replacing with an alarm from a different manufacturer, you will need to remove the old ceiling plate and install the new ceiling plate included with the new alarm. Place the alarm over the ceiling plate and twist to secure the alarm. Test the alarm to be sure it is working.

How do I replace a hard-wired alarm?

If you know how to work with electrical wiring, follow manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you have turned off the electricity to the smoke alarm before you begin replacing the alarm. Otherwise, contact a qualified electrician to replace hard-wired smoke alarms.

How do I install a hard-wired smoke alarm?

Contact a qualified electrician to install hard-wired smoke alarms.

Good brainlearning, everybuddy!! Now you know!! 

So... DON'T WAIT - CHECK THE DATE, K? Plus if you need helpings, just ask for some!!
If you live inna 'partmenthouse, ask your landlord to come check for you, plus if you are a homeowner, plus if you do not have anybuddy to help you, then call your local fire department 'cuz prolly they will send somebuddy to come help you out!! 

That is 'cuz we want everybuddy to be safe no matter where you live, K? K!!
Plus the safest kind of fire safety is FIRE PREVENTION, guys!! Yes!!
If we can stop fires 'fore they even happen, everybuddy wins, amirite!!?? 'COURSE!!  

Shanksh, guys!! If you have anymore questionthoughts, just ask me here, or on my FayBo page 'cuz I luvluvlove to be your helpful helperman!! Luvluvlove you guys!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ


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