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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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FRIDAY MORNINGTIMES (photos and links)

FRIDAY MORNINGTIMES (photos and links)

Goodmorningtimes, goodmorningtimes, everybuddy!!😊 

Yup!! It is totally the Fridaytimes a 'gain!! Yes!! That means it is almostly the weekendtimes a 'gain!! IKNOW!! Plus THAT means me plus Mirabelle are gonna be a 'way from the 'puterbox for 'couple daytimes doing special projects plus going to special places and stuff!!

Butt no worrythoughts 'cuz I will post a 'couple sooperfun park reviews, guys!! Truestory!! 

Our nextest FRENCHIE CONNECTION meetup is gonna happen this weekendtimes, everybuddy!! Plus.... did you know!!?? If it is not raining wet waterydrops for this FRENCHIE CONNECTION, there will maybe be.... TWENNY FRENCHIES THERE!! I am not even joshing!!
Wearing HALLOWEENINGTIMES COSTUMECLOTHES!! Yes!! Hee hee!! .....................

So.... me plus Mirabelle are waiting for Mum to come out of the raincloset. She has been in there sooperlongtimes, so we are having worrythoughts guys!! Yes!! What if the soapysuds are getting her!!?? We dunno!! Pop says she is AOK, butt...... it is just a weird thing to do, amirite!!?? 'ZACKLY!! 

Weirdest part is..... it is RAINING WET WATERYDROPS IN THE OUTSIDEPLACE RIGHT NOWABOUTS, GUYS!! Butt Mum plus Pop are going into the raincloset to get all soakery n'stead!! That is crazybananas!!
With all the rainingdrops, latelytimes, me plus Mirabelle say we should get rid of this raincloset thing-y 'cuz we do not need it, butt Mum plus Pop say NOPE for crying out Pete!! ......................


shanksh for coming to hang out with us for littlebits, guys!! It is totally the Fridaytimes, so let's get all ready for this shinynew daytimes with yummysummies, zoomerjuice, plus going into the raincloset if you are into that kind of thing!! 
Then we will meet back here latertimes for watching a picturemovie of me, Archie Brindleton being cute and stuff, K? K!! Promiseface you will like it!! Hee hee!! 



Friday, October 21, 2016 is... APPLE DAY!! 

Apple Day is an annual celebration of apples and orchards, held in October. It is celebrated mainly in the United Kingdom. It traditionally falls on October 21, the date of the first such event in 1990

Apple Day events can be large or small, from apple games in a garden to large village fairs with cookery demonstrations, games, juice  and cider, gardening advice, and the sale of many hundreds of apple varieties.

Click to visit the wiki page for Apple Day!!

Click to visit the wiki page for Apple Day!!

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Today's Archie Art is called...


If you are artsyfartsy, plus would like to make Archie Art to have put on display in the Arch Gallery, that would be the soopercoolist!! 

Just send good picturestories or a copy of your Archie art to or mail to:

Unit 15, 467 Baker Street,
london, Ontario, Canada, N6C 1X9

The Brindleterm of the day is....

raincloset © 
reyn-kloz-it] , noun

  • The space used to take a "shower" or a "shower bath" in which water is sprayed on the body, usually from an overhead perforated nozzle (showerhead).
click for complete definition and photo

click for complete definition and photo

Have a 'mazing Fridaytimes, friendlypals!!