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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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TUESDAY MORNINGTIMES (photos and links)

TUESDAY MORNINGTIMES (photos and links)

Hi guys!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

Me plus Mirabelle are sooperhappy you are here with us 'cuz know why!!?? 'Cuz hanging out with you is the bestest part of our daytimes!! I am not even joshing!! Did you know!!?? Everythings is waymorebetter when we get to share it with you!! That is just SCIENCE!! ...........

Plus best part is WeatherWizard says it is gonna be soopernice in the outsideplace this daytimes!! Yup!! SooperDOOPERnice, even!! 

It is gonna start littlebits chillybilly, butt no worrythoughts 'cuz latertimes sunsmiles will bring some cozywarm degrees too!! You will maybe need a sweatershirt, butt mostly it will be a 'nother 'mazing Fallingdowntimes daytimes!! You will see!! ...................

So.... get to the outsideplace is what I'm saying, guys!!

Seriousface!! Even for just littlebits so you can gobble up the sunsmiles, plus get the crispycool blusterpuffs into your faceparts!! It is soopergood for you plus will prolly put Happy in your Heart!! Prolly!! Works soopergood for us and stuff!! 

Anyhoozle.... we have a shinynew Tuesdaytimes just starting so what say we make it the bestest Tuesdaytimes we can with lotsa smileyfaces, HappyHeartHugs, plus some zoomers goofballery in the outsideplace!!?? Let's do it!! 


HERE WE GO-GO-GO!! HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 is.....


I LOVE TO WRITE DAY was created in 2002 by Delaware-based author John Riddle. When asked why he decided to create a day dedicated to the love he and many other people have for writing, he said, "My goal for I Love To Write Day is to have people of all ages spend time writing. They can write a poem, a love letter, a greeting card, an essay, a short story, start a novel, finish a novel... the possibilities are endless. People need to be challenged, and writing is but one of many creative ways to express yourself. For many people (I Love To Write Day) will be the beginning of their writing career. I Love To Write Day has the potential to launch the career of the next John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark, Stephen King or Toni Morrison."

So what do YOU say, guys!!?? Will you do some writing this daytimes just for fun!!?? I do writingtimes every daytimes!! Mum too!! Plus Pop even helps teach peoples how to write picturemovies!! Truestory!! So we luvluvlove writery 'round these parts!! HOW 'BOUT YOU!!?? 

Talking 'bout PICTUREMOVIES... it is times for a 'nother sooperfun episode of... 
Archie Brindleton's NAME THAT PICTUREMOVIE!! 
Yup!! I am gonna say some sooperfamous wordybits from a sooperfamous picturemovie, plus YOU try to guess the name of the picturemovie, K? K!! Here we go-go-go!! *AHEM*....

"Rollycar roads!!?? Ha ha!! Where we are gonna go, bleeve you me, we do not even need rollycar roads!!"

Did you guess!!?? No problemmo!! If you do not know yet, check at the bottom of this page!! 

For this BACKFLASH I am sharing a big pile of picturestories from wayfarback when me plus Mirabelle used to hang out on our oldentimer WOODEN HILL!! Yup!! We do not have one anymores, BUTT... Mum says we will prolly get a shinynew one when we move to our shinynew 'pratmenthouse!! That is AWESOMETIMES, don'tchathink!!?? Me too!! Mirabelle too TOO!! 

If you are artsyfartsy, plus would like to make Archie Art to have put on display in the Arch Gallery, that would be the soopercoolist!! Just send good picturestories or a copy of your Archie art or even a high res photo Pop can make into a picture painting to... or mail it to:

Unit 15, 467 Baker Street,
London, Ontario, Canada, N6C 1X9


Plus just so's you know: this morningtimes NAME THAT PICTUREMOVIE was...

BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985) Spoken my Doc Brown/Christopher Lloyd

GUYS!!  Guys!! if you would like to do writings, butt do not know WHAT to write or WHO to write... WRITE TO ME PLUS MIRABELLE!! Yes!! Just to say "HI!!" or somethings!! If you write a howdycard (postcard or letter) to us, we will send you one back, K? K!! It will be sooperfun!!  

Have a great Tuesdaytimes, everybuddy!! 

HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ