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  • Shinynew, guys!! 
  • Next to a "Trail Head"!!
  • Lotsa stuff to jump on!!
  • Some pebblybits!! 
  • 2 Parts, butt not separated!! 
  • No small puppy section - YET!! 
  • Not finished - I THINK!! 

Park Review #385

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!


499 Memorial Pkwy,
Akron OH 44310

This park was sooperdifferental than any other park I have been to guys!! Seriousface!!
Know why!!?? 'Cuz firstofalls, it was in THE AMERICAPLACE!! I KNOW!! How soopercool is that, amirite!!?? Pretty soopercool I am thinkingthoughts!! πŸ˜Š

Truestory me plus Mum plus Pop went onna HappyHeartMission to visit our friendlypal  JAMESRICE allaways in the WestVirginiaparts of the Americaplace, so 'bout halfways there, we stopped at the Akron, Ohio Dog Park to meet a whole buncha friendlypals so we could hang out and stuff!! Yup!! 

Anyhoozle, pretty sure this park is shinynew and stuff, cuz it was not even all finished!! Yup!! There is a basically too (2) parts, butt weird thing is, they are both still totally connected and stuff!! I know!! Mostimes there is a big puppy section, plus a little puppy section, but this park let all differenter sizes of puppy hang out togethertimes!! I am not so sure that is the bestest thinkingthought, butt that is how it was when I was there, you guys!! 

The one part is all covered in pebblybits, plus that looks like the small puppy section to me. Maybe. Dunno. Butt on the other side it has grassycarpet, plus muck. Yes. Lotsa that too. Prolly they should get a gigantical rumblytruck to bring some chippybits like we use back home, guys!! Just sayin' 'cuz parts of this park were sooper yuckymucky!! 

There was lotsa stuff to jump up on for puppies, so that is where I did lotsa poserating and stuff, plus the fencingparts plus gates and stuff were all real good plus soopersafe, butt mostly it is all flat, plus there is no wet, wateryparts!! Worstest part is there is no shadyplaces, guys!! There is a wet, watery tap for getting lotsa water for drinking and stuff, butt no places for puppies to get out of the sunsmiles!! It was chillybilly when I was there, butt you will have to be soopercareful when it gets all stinywarm in the summertimes, K? K!! 

So.... pretty good, butt I am hoping park peoples will keep adding stuffs to make this park waymorebetter!!  Shanksh, Park!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š