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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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  • Lots'nlots of roominess!! 
  • Little puppy part is pretty lame! 
  • Big puppy part is pretty awesome! 
  • Woodsyparts!  
  • Meadowlilly Woods is real close!  
  • Places for people buttparts! 
  • Next to my friendlypal, MisterRiver! 

Park Review #387

Snort Index Rating: 3.5 SNORTS!!


1139 Hamilton Road,
London, Ontario, Canada

Hey, guys!! Truestory for reals I do not go to too many differenter Puppy Playgrounds. Nope. Not even. That is 'cuz I have reservational thinkingthoughts 'bout Puppy Playgrounds like this one. Yes. Basically Puppy Playgrounds are only good as the PEOPLES in them. Yes. So when we go, we go with a buncha our favoritist friendlypals to make sure everybuddy has HappyFunTimes!! Yup!!  

It is a bummer, butt lotsatimes at Puppy Playgrounds, some peoples who are not so good Mums plus Pops, will bring a puppy with sooperbad manners and not even give a care 'bout what that puppy does. They are thinkingthoughts that it is AOK for basically ANYTHINGS to happen, long as it is inside a Puppy Playground. Butt that is goober thinkingthoughts, amirite!!?? In Puppy Playgrounds, it is even wayMORE'portanter that peoples make sure their puppypals are polite, plus play nice with every puppy they meet!! 'Course it is, for crying out Pete!!

Anyhoozle, I heard lotsa storytimes that this park was full-up with goobers plus lotsa rude puppies who like to bully other puppies. That is why when I came, I was littlebits nervous and stuff. BUTT... turns out I went when hardly anybuddy was there, plus the puppies I did meet were AOK for reals!! Yup!! No problemmos at all, guys!! Best part was... I LIKE THIS PARK!! 

It is sooperbig for a Puppy Playground!! Yes!! 'Cept for the teensy dog section. I am not even joshing, that part is sorta lame, guys. Yes. Seriousface. So we did not hang out there. It is just teensy, plus with no trees or anythings fun. So if you are just little, make sure you bring friendlypals for having HappyFunTimes, K? K!! 

Butt the big puppy side is soopercool!! One part is a gigantical bunch of wide-open place that is perfectal for lots'nlots of zoomers goofballery!! Yes!! It is right close to the parking rodeo for where the rollycars sit! Word on the trail is that this is where packs of big puppies do their goofballery, so maybe come in the back way like I did if you do not want to go right into big piles of big puppies!! Yes!! There is a whole 'nother way in at the backparts!! Plus that is where the walkingroads plus woodsyparts are!! They are pretty cool plus you could do lots'nlots of walkings back there without getting beat up if the puppies out front are getting too rowdy and stuff!!

A 'nother part that is soopercool is my friendlypal MisterRiver is sooperclose, plus there are some neato walkingroads next to him you can do exploradventuring on!! I liked those lots'nlots, plus lotsa peoples don't even know they are there, so prolly you will be mostly by your lonesome!! Yup!! PLUS... if you go to the other side of MisterRiver over Meadowlilly Bridge - which is sooperpretty nowabouts - then you will get to my most favoritsit MEADOWLILLY WOODS!! 

So lots'nlots to see plus do 'round these parts, you guys!! Yes!! SHANKSH, PARK!!