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  • Not a park anymores!! 
  • Totally disavanished!! 
  • Peoplehouses are there now!! 
  • For crying out Pete!!  
  • Maybe a new park will get added?   
  • I don't even know!! 
  • Butt I will find out and stuff!! 

Park Review #388

Snort Index Rating: 0.0 SNORTS!!


29 Brookside Street,
London, Ontario, Canada

Okeedoke, everybuddy!! This is the most weirdest park review I have done in evertimes mostly onna count of the fact that there IS NO PARK HERE ANYMORES!! I am not even joshing!! 

Truestory for reals when I started to do my park reviews, this was one of the firstest parks I went to check out plus know what!!?? it was THE WORSTEST!! Yes!! Firstofalls it was totally surrounded by soopertall, gross fencybits that were all locked up and everythings!! Yup!! I could not even get innit or anythings!! It was the 'zact opposite of a friendly park!! 

Me plus Pop were sooperconfuselled, 'cuz we were thinkingthoughts "maybe we have the wrong place and stuff!!??" butt NOT EVEN!! That was totally the right place, it was just sorta all closed up plus soopergross and everythings!! We could not figure out what was going on!! 

Butt we kept going back to check up onnit to make sure if it was still all closed!! Yup!! 'Till one day... ALLASUDDEN!!... Alla the fencybits were opened up!! Then alla kindsa buildery robots showed up!! Then gigantical rumblytrucks and stuff came too!! I was 'cited!! I was thinkingthoughts maybe they were finallytimes fixing up this soopergross park, butt know what - NOT EVEN!! 

Turns out this park is getting turned into a whole entire neighbourhood of peoplehouses!! Truestory!! So... prolly this park is not even a park anymores, butt I wanted to get my review done now afore it completely disavanished 'cuz then nobuddy will even bleeve it was everever there!! Maybe when they are all done there will be a shinynew teensy park in the middle named BROOKSIDE PARK, butt for the nowtimes - NOT SO MUCH!! This park is a goner!! 

*UPDATE* Me plus Mirabelle plus Pop went back to look plus they put up a picturemap so we can see what they are builderating!! Yup!! There is definitely no more park here, guys!! 

See you latertimes, BROOKSIDE PARK!! Was nice to know you - SORTA!!