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Park Review #403

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!


1723 Foxwood Avenue,
, Ontario, Canada


  • A shinynew park, you guys!!
  • A burblecreek is there!!
  • Plus a walking road next to it !! 
  • Puddlepond next door!!
  • Just nice for your lookingmarbles!!
  • Did not see any snakes though!! 

Hi everybuddy!! Now that the cozywarm daytimes are back, I am doing soopergood with my quest to see every park in my London, Ontarioplace!! Yup!! Plus THIS park is sooper'citing 'cuz it is one of the shinynew parks my London, Ontarioplace has builderated since AFTER I started my quest!! Isn't that 'mazing!!?? When I started in the 2013times this park was not even n'vented yet!!  Yup!! It is shinynew and everythings!! 

Basically this park is pretty simple and stuff!! Mostly it is a burblecreek that moseys 'tween a bunch of peoplehouses. Yes. Plus there is a real easy pavey-type walkingroad right next to it. Both go allaways 'cross this shinynew neighborhood!! Mostly that is it!! No places for sitting or anythings else, really, butt still kinda nice. 

One cool thing is that right next to the burblecreek is a gigantical puddlepond!! Yup!! You can sorta walk 'round most of that too!! It is not 'ficcially part of this park, butt if you go to one, it is real easybreezy to see the other!! Yup!! So good job for teaming up, park!! 'Cuz of the puddlepond, lotsa floaty-type chirpybirds like duckies plus goosies hang out here!! Yup!! That is pretty neato, 'butt that also means there is lotsa ducky plus goosey poop too!! Just sayin'!!

Anyhoozle, just 'member this whole entire park is pretty close to sooperbusy rollycar roads, so SAFETY STRINGS ON, everybuddy!! Don't let somebuddy like my Pop just wander off, K? K.
That would not be the HappyFunTimes parks are s'pposed to be, amirite!!?? 'Course!!  

Nice to meet you park!! Welcome to the LONDON, ONTARIOPLACE!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ



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