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Park Review #406

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!


108 Lonsdale Drive,
, Ontario, Canada


  • Just a chunka grassycarpet!! 
  • Hiding in the middle of lotsa peoplehouses!!
  • Only TOO (2) ways in!!
  • That is a 'bout it, guys!!
  • Butt lotsa leafytrees 'round the outside!!
  • Plus soopersafe 'cuz it is all closed in!!

Hi guys!! Did you know!!?? I am pretty happy 'bout exploradventuring this here little park 'cuz know why!!?? 'Cuz it has some stuffs going for it I like a whole lot!! Yup!! I will tell you alla 'bout it and everythings!! 

So basically this park is hiding in a whole buncha peoplehouses. Yes. Prolly it is just a leftover chunk of place, so they filled it up with grassycarpet plus made TOO (2) walkingroads in from differenter sides. Once you are inside it feels like you are in a whole differenter place, 'cuz you can't even see anythings butt the 'roundthebackyards of a whole buncha peoplehouses!! Truestory there is not a whole lotta goings on and stuff 'cuz there is no walkingroads, no benches for buttparts, no monkeyclimbers or swingychairs or anythings, guys!! Just grassycarpet!! Plus some nice leafytrees 'round the outsideparts. That is true, so that is also pretty nice, butt... THAT IS 'BOUT IT!! 

BUTT... what I am thinkingthoughts is.... I LIKE parks like this little fella 'cuz they are pretty soopersafe!! Yes!! Guys like this are all closed in, so there is only 'couple teensy ways in, plus there are no rollycars rolling by real close or anythings!! Dunno how many peoples go in here, butt If my familypack lived in this neighbourhood, I would come allatimes 'cuz it is perfectal for zoomers goofballery!! Yup!! Mum would stay at one way in, plus Pop at the other way in, plus me plus Mirabelle would go crazybananas in the middleparts!! Ha ha!! 

Shanksh, park!! I like your style and stuff!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ


ASK ARCHIE!! April 25, 2016