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Park Review #407

Snort Index Rating: 4.0 SNORTS!!


44214 Mapleton Line,
St. Thomas
, Ontario, Canada


  • Gigantical!! 
  • There is a tap for wet, watery drinks!!
  • FREE (3) differenter parts!!
  • One gigantical one, too (2) teensy ones!!
  • Peoplepark right next door!!
  • Not a whole lotta shadybits though!!

Hi everybuddy!! 

I 'member this park soopergood, 'know why!!?? 'Cuz this park was 'MAZING!! Yes!! πŸ˜Š

Firstofalls, I have to say that pretty much I am not a gigantical sooperfan of puppy parks. Nope!! There is just lots'nlots of puppies plus 'specially puppy Mums plus Pops that are not so careful 'bout what happens in puppy parks, so lotsa puppies can get hurt there for no reason!! That is why mostlytimes I go just when we have made special plannery to meet our friendlypals like Cousin Ellie or Marcel orAndy the Pug or friendlypals like that!! That way we can all have HappyFunTimes together without any prollems from some goober dingus with no manners!! 

Anyhoozle, this is one of those times when we went to a puppy park all by our lonesome!! Yes!! Butt we had sooperfun anyways, guys!! Yes!! 'Cuz this park is in the next city over, plus is 'bout half of one hourtimes  a 'way, it is interestingal for my brainmelon to see how differenter this puppy park is from the puppy parks in my city where I live!! They are really differenter!! 

Alla the fencybits plus gates, plus benches plus everythings is totally differenter!! Butt know what!!?? I like THIS stuff waymorebetter than the ones in my city where I live!! Yup!! The fencybits were cool, the gates plus 'specially the latches for closing are WAAAAAAAAAYMOREBETTER than the ones in my London, Ontario!! Fact is, most of the ones in my London, Ontario are all messed up or kinda broken!! I KNOW!! Butt this park had the bestest fencinggates I have seen in evertimes!! 

Nextofalls, this puppy park has RUNNING WATER!! Yes!! A tappything for making nice, chillybilly waterystuffs come out for drinking or even for cooling down!! It doesn't really run though, guys!! That is just a saying, sorta. It basically wanders out of the hose, then sorta lays down, then The NatureMama drinks it all up. No biggie. Anyhoozle, wet, wateryparts is good 'cuz the thing I did NOT like so much 'bout this park is that there is almostly NO SHADYPARTS!! Yup!! Truestory they have made some sittingplaces 'round the outside of the big field that has a wooden hill (Picnic table) plus even a teensy roof overtop of each one, butt there is not so many of those, plus basically the whole entire place is out in the wide open!! That means when it gets stinkywarm in the outsideplace, 'member to watch your puppy close so they don't get all overwarm and stuf!! Seriousface, that is a sooperbig prollem for flat-face puppies like me plus Mirabelle!! 

Butt mostly this park was soopercool 'cuz it is so crazybananas gigantical, plus it has FREE (3) differenter fields to play in, so if you don't like the puppies in one, you can go to a 'nother!! Plus alla the fields were full-up with sooperthick grassycarpet, so no muckyparts like alla our puppyparks!! Was for reals soopernice plus sorta sooperpretty too. I liked it!! 

Shanksh, park!! Me plus Mirabelle will prolly come see you a 'gain and stuff!! 😊 πŸ˜Š πŸ˜Š 



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