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  • Pretty much shinynew!! 
  • Was just rocks plus dirt and stuff!! 
  • Now it is a for reals park!! 
  • Walkingroads!!  
  • Benches for buttparts!!    
  • Swingychairs!! 
  • Basketballery!! 

Park Review #389

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!


595 Blackacres Blvd. 
, Ontario, Canada

Guys!! The coolist thing just happened and stuff!! Yes!! Longtimes a 'go, me plus Pop found a park that was not even done yet!! Truestory for reals it was not even on our park list, butt we knew for reals it was a park even befores it was 'fficial!! Yup!! So we would go back every once in a whiles to see if it was done yet, butt everytimes - NOPE!! THEN.......... THIS DAYTIMES HAPPENED!! πŸ˜Š

I am not even joshing, when SkyrollerBloo went 'round the cornerparts so I could see, my buttparts started to wiggle lots'nlots 'cuz for the first in evertimes we saw this park all done and stuff!! Yup!! It is not too soopercool yet onna 'count it is pretty flat, plus alla the leafytrees are still just teensy, butt it is 'citing to finallytimes see it all done!! I am thinkingthoughts The NatureMama prolly fed it lotsa wet, watery rainingdrops, so now it is all growed up!! Prolly!! Just for bellychuckles, have a looksee at alla my picturestories at the bottom, 'cuz you will see what it USED to look like, plus what it is like nowabouts too!! You will prolly say "WHOA!!" and stuff!! 

Anyhoozle, this is just a regular-type citypark with littlebits of walkingroads, plus benches, plus a goofballery place for juniorpeoples too!! Regular stuff!! Funny part is there are TOO (2) kindsa walkingroads! Mostly they are pavey, butt there is a whole 'nother part that is all made of pebblybits on purpose!! Yup!! That was sorta differenter!! Plus there is swingychairs for juniorpeoples, plus a gigantical place for playing with basketballery bouncyballs too!!
So... not sooperawesometimes or anythings, butt sooperfun to see all done after alla the times me plus my Pop went to check!! 

Nice to meet you park!! Shanksh for coming to my city where I live!! πŸ˜Š πŸ˜Š πŸ˜Š