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Okeedoke, guys!! This is a sooperspecial PARK REVIEW 'cuz for the FIRSTEST TIMES I am gonna review TOO (2) PARKS in one review, PLUS... these parks are soopersecret!! Seriousface!!
They are not even on the 'fficial park list!! Truth is THEY ARE NOT REALLY EVEN PARKS!!
Butt I was thinkingthoughts maybe they are sooperspecial sneaky ninjamanparks!! Yup!!  
Turns out... NOT SO MUCH!! 

Basically what happened is this, guys. Me plus Mirabelle plus Pop were exploradventuring KILALLY WOODS park. Yes. It went soopergood. It was right next to MisterRiver, so it was nice. Yes. Butt then ALLASUDDEN... I looked over to the other side of Misterriver, plus that is when I saw a sooperpretty place I wanted to do exploradventuring in!! Truestory!! 

It was so soopercool looking, I wanted to have a real good looksee with my very own lookingmarbles!! Yup!! Plus I was thinkingthoughts if it was as 'MAZING as it looked from 'cross MisterRiver... maybe I would GIVE IT A NAME, so more advanced beginner explordventurers could do exploradventuring there too!! That is what I was thinkingthoughts!! BUTT... 

Turns out they were no so hot. Nope!! That is why I gave them the names....
POOPTOPIA plus ABANDONOPOLIS!! You will see!! ................


Park Review #417 - EH

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!


1697 Highbury Avenue North,
, Ontario, Canada


  • Sooperbeautifullish!! 
  • Right next to MisterRiver!!
  • Teensy little walkingroad that is for advanced beginners only!! 
  • Totally nobuddy goes here, so not spoilt!! 
  • POOP everywheres - far as you can see!! 

Okeedoke!! Firstofalls, 'cuz these parks are not 'fficcial or anythings, there is no place for parking your rollycar!! Nope!! Pop did anyways 'cuz he is like that, so basically our rollycar, SKYROLLER BLOO waited right on the side of the rollycar road!! I know!! 

So then we walked onna nice, pavey walkingroad to the gigantical bridge. There was TOO (2) pathways in, so we went on the one closer to MisterRiver first 'cuz that is where I could see from the other side!! 

It was easy to see not hardly anybuddy goes to this park, guys. Not even!! Butt there was just e'nuff walkingroad to be AOK. Plus.... when we got down to where this park is right next to MIsterRiver.... it was BEAUTIFULLISH. Seriousface!! I knew it was gonna be beautifullish, plus it totally was!! It was soopercool plus sooper'citing 'cept for one thing: POOOOOOOP!!!!!! πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’©

Great googilymoogily, you guys!! Pretty much the only peoples who go here are the floatybirds like goosies plus duckies plus by the look of some of the poop, maybe even PTERODACTYL DINOBIRDIES!! Guys.... I am not even joshing it was the most poop I have seen in evertimes!! That is why I named this park... POOPTOPIA!! 

If this park was not totally covered in poop, it would totally be a 4.5 or maybe even a 5 SNORT RESORT!! So we looked a round real good, butt then we had to get out of alla the poop, so we went back to check out the other walkingroad in!! 

Park Review #417 -BEE

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!


1625 Highbury Avenue North,
, Ontario, Canada


  • Not even littlebits pretty!!
  • Sorta creepy looking, even!!  
  • Alla the leafytrees got tore up!!
  • Prolly they were gonna build here!!
  • Butt then they said - NOPE!!
  • Good news is - NO POOP!! 

So this park is soopermysteriousish, guys!! Yes!! I am pretty sure way back in oldentimesdays this was gonna be a shinynew neighborhood for peoplehouses!! Yes!! Prolly!! 'Cuz looks like they flattened lots'nlots with builderational robots or somethings!! Weirdest part was that alla the leafytrees in here have been busted off at their feets!! Only jaggy looking treefoots are left!! Sooperweird plus soopercreepy!! 

Plus there are lotsa sticks poking outta the ground Pop called STAKES!! He says that is where they were marking where the shinynew stuff was gonna go like peoplehouses, plus streets, plus waterpipes plus stuffs like that!! Butt guys.... get this....... IT NEVEREVER HAPPENED. 


Looks like everybuddy just stopped, plus then went someplace else!! I am not even joshing!!
That is why I called this place ABANDONOPOLIS!! 

Only good part is that if you go wayfarback from the rollycar road, 'ventually you can find a pebbly path for getting down to MIsterRiver a 'gain, plus that part is pretty AOK. We went to see him a 'gain, plus in THAT part, there is NO POOP!! So.....

One park looked BEAUTIFULLISH, butt was covered in poop, plus the other part looked soopercreepy, butt had no poop!! That is not what I was thinkingthoughts I was gonna find, guys butt I had sooperfun exploradventuring, so hope you liked coming with us too!! 

Shanksh, parks, butt prolly I am not coming back 'till you guys get all cleaned up and stuff, K? K!!