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Park Review #422

Snort Index Rating: 4.0 SNORTS!!


1343 Adelaide Street North,
, Ontario, Canada


  • It's a Puppy Playground, guys!!
  • This one is sooper'popular!! 
  • One part for big puppies, plus a whole 'nother part for smallish puppies too!! 
  • A swampy-type puddlepond!! 
  • This Puppy Park is looked after soopergood 'cuz lots'nlots of peoples volunteer to help!! 

HI GUYS!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ

This park is not on my gigantical list of parks, butt it is a sooper'portant one that lotsa peoples visit every daytimes, so I am gonna do a sooper'mazing review of it and everythings!! Yes!! 

So alla the Puppy Playground-type parks are not on my list. Nope. They are onna whole separate, butt waymoresmaller list. Yup. Butt that is no biggie, 'cuz basically I don't even give a care, know why!!?? 'Cuz If it is a park, plus it is in my London, Ontarioplace then I am gonna go have a looksee plus write a review, amirite!!?? 'Course!! 

Truestory I have been to this park lots'nlots, plus allsinall it is a good one. Yes. Now it is 'portant to 'member that I AM NOT A SOOPERBIG FAN OF PUPPY PLAYGROUNDS. Nope. Not even. Lots'nlots of badstuffs can happen at Puppy Playgrounds 'cuz there are lots'nlots of Goober Dingus' that go there plus let their puppypals go crazybananas and stuff!! That is not so cool. So when me plus Mirabelle go, mostly it is with a buncha our friendlypals, so even if there is a goober or a dingus, or a goober dingus, we will all stick together to be AOK. Yup!! Works good too!! 

Anyhoozle... if you like to come to Puppy Playgrounds, this is a soopergood one!! Like alla the Puppy Playgrounds in my city where we live, it has TOO (2) parts: Won (1) for big puppies, plus a whole 'nother won for smaller puppies. That is good thinkingthoughts!! 

The part for small puppies is pretty snoring, butt it is AOK. There is lotsa grassycarpet, plus some benches for buttparts, plus a big pile of shrubbadubs at the back you can go allaways 'round, butt that is 'bout it. 

The part for big puppies is waymorecooler!! Yes!! Basically is is mostly a gigantical circle. Yes. As in it has a walkingroad that goes allaways 'round!! Yup!! The walkingroad is big, plus wide, plus mostly made of chippybits, so even in the springtimes it is not too mucky!! Butt that is only 'cuz so many peoples help out to take care of this park, guys!! Did you know!!?? The citypeoples just dump a gigantical pile of chippybits by the door, butt it is alla the volunteers who bring their puppies here who use the shovelators plus wheelybarrels to move it alla 'round to cover up the muckiness!! I like that 'cuz that says the peoples who live 'round here want to help keep this park in AOK shape!! Good job, peoples who live 'round here!! πŸ˜ƒ

Anyhoozle, the walkingroad is sooper'mazing 'cuz it is allatimes a good thinkingthought to KEEP MOVING when you bring your puppies to Puppy Playgrounds. That is 'cuz puppies who are exploradventuring, plus moving allatimes do not get into troubles so much!! That is a truestory!! So when we come with our friendlypals, we all keep doing walkings 'round and 'round 'till we are poopered!! Lots of other Puppy Playgrounds to not have a nice wakingroad that works like that, so puppies pile up in corners, then go crazybananas and stuff!! Seriousface it happens!! 

Alsotimes there is some leafytrees plus a puddlepond in the middle, so you can do some interestingal exploradventuring in there or just find some shadybits 'stead of just walkings 'round and 'round allatimes. Yup. 

So basically I do not like Puppy Playgrounds so much, butt 'cuz this one is so 'mazing plus it gets taken care of so soopergood, me plus Mirabelle have HappyFunTimes here too!! 

Shanksh, park!! For a Puppy Playground I like your style and stuff!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ