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Park Review #432

Snort Index Rating 3.5 SNORTS!!

Wickerson Road SWMF

2090 Wickerson Road, 
London, Ontario, Canada


  • The Coves parks could be pretty cool!!
  • Just a chunk of parking rodeo plus some leafytrees nobuddy keeps clean and stuff!!
  • Could be a neato part of a whole family of parks, butt -nope!! 
  • Needs lotsa lovings, guys!! Sure does!! 

Hey, guys!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ

This here park is one of the shinynew ones that are not even on my list yet!! Yup!! Did you know!!?? So fars I have found eleventy shinynew parks on the London, Ontarioplace map, so I know they are for reals 'fficial parks and stuff, butt they are not on park lists anywheres yet!! Nope!! They are like sneaky ninjaparks or somethings!! I only found them 'cuz of my sooperbig brainmelon that is full-up with gymnastical thinkery!! Truestory I am getting pretty good at this, guys!! Yes!! 

Anyhoozle, this park has a sooperspecial job!! Yup!! It is for keeping alla the wet, watery rainingdrops from washing a 'way peoplehouses when it gets all stormy and stuff!! That is why it is called a SWMF!! That stands for STORM WATER MANAGEMENT FACILITY!! Yup!! So that is what it does: manages stormy waterstuffs when there is too much!! 

It is sticking out of the side of a whole buncha shinynew peoplehouses near the farmerparts of our city where we live!! Yup!! So's when you are at the way in, it totally looks like a citypark and stuff, butt when you do walkingtimes allaways down to where the park is, allasudden you will feel like you are wayfarout in the middleparts of nowheres!! It is sorta differenter that way!! 

Mostly it is just a big puddlepond, guys. Yup. With a nice, pavey walkingroad to get there. Butt there is even a skinny little walkingpath for going allaways 'round the puddepond too!! Yup!! Only thing that is not so good is that floatybirds like geeses, plus duckies and stuff like to hang out in the puddlepond, so watch out for poop, guys!! Poop!! This park is not stoo ooperbad with poop, butt there is still waymorelots than most parks. 

So this is nice for some quiet walkingtimes. The pavy walkingroad is real easy for anybuddy plus there are even benches for buttparts down by the puddlepond!! Butt not much shadybits, guys. OH!! Plus there are a whole bunch of the pointy markerposts that I luvluvlove!! Basically they are like a fencingpost, 'cept with no fence, butt with the name of our cityplace written on one side!! That lets peoples know where the park starts plus ends and stuff, butt these ones are sooperweird!! The oldentimer ones I have seen have the wordybits CARVED in the side, butt these shinynew ones just have a wordysign stuck on them!! Not as cool!! 

Shanksh, park!! I liked the view from your puddlepond!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ