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Park Review #433

Snort Index Rating 0.5 SNORTS!!


180 Emery Street West, 
London, Ontario, Canada


  • Just some place for a burblecreek to mosy through!!
  • Nowheres for peoples or puppies or anythings, guys!!
  • Sooperclose to rollycar roads too!!
  • I luvluvlove Southcrest Ravine, butt Southcrest Ravine - North is SNORING!! 

Hi guys!! Shanksh for reading!! 

Too bad for us this park is one of the snoriest I have seen in evertimes!! I am not even joshing!! Plus it is a sooperbummer 'cuz I luvluvlove this parks brother, the regular SOUTHCREST RAVINE!! Me plus Mirabelle go there allatimes plus it is sooperfun for reals!! So when I saw THIS park on my list, I was all "AWESOMETIMES!!" and stuff!! Turns out  -NOT SO MUCH!! 

Mostly this park is just for letting a burblecreek to mosey through from the Coves to the other Southcrest Ravine plus Euston park too!! Butt there is no walkingroads or wilderpaths or anythings like that at all!! Not even!! Close as I could get was right beside a rollycar road where a shinytin fence was trying to stop rollycars from jumping in the burblecreek, for crying out Pete!! Yup!! 

Only sorta fun part was I found a 'nother of those soopercool markerposts made of stone that says "CITY OF LONDON" onnit!! Yes!! I luvluvlove to find those allover everywheres!! They are used to mark where the edge of city property is and stuff plus they are mostly sooperoldentimer too!! You can see some picturestories of this one in the gallery under these wordybits, guys!! 

Ayhoozle. I looked allover for a ways in, butt NOPE!! There was justa teensy little chunk of grassycarpet that maybe you can do chores on, butt seriousface, guys... if you are here, then just cross the street to the other SOUTHCREST RAVINE plus EUSTON PARK!! They are sooperfun!! 

Sorry park!! It was nice to meet you and alls butt...
I am not a burblecreek, so I need waymorelots to have HappyFunTimes!!   😜 😜 😜