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Goodmorningtimes, guys!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

Me plus Mirabelle are saying WAKEYWAKEY, EGGS'NBAKEY to you!! Yup!! How is everybuddy doing and stuff!!?? Did you have a 'mazing, weekendtimes!!?? YOU DID!!?? 

I sure DIDN'T!! Seriousface!! My weekendtimes was the WORSTEST basically!! That is 'cuz I got hurted pretty bad, guys!! I am not even joshing!! Yes!! I hurted my neckparts real bad somehow, plus I was in sooperdooper ouchie shape for mostly of the whole entire Saturdaytimes!! .................

See..... nobuddy is so sure HOW I hurted myself, plus we are not even so sure WHEN 'cuz everybuddy says it took some times for me to even tell anybuddy I got hurted, butt...................... it PROLLY happened close to the end of the Fridaytimes. Prolly. Yes!! 

Then sooperearly Saturdaymorningtimes (4:30AM), I woke Mum up to tell her I was having sooperbad hurtings. When she plus Pop got wakeywakey, I could hardly even move, guys!! Truestory!! Plus I made sooperscary cryingsounds too!! IT WAS SOOPERBAD!! ...............

Butt Mirabelle had 'mazing thinkingthoughts, plus asked our friendlyfriend MARYJOY to come over, plus she made everythings waymorebetter!! See, MARYJOY is sooperspecial at helping peoples fix ouchies, guys!! YES!! She does it for her workerman work!! 

She does not work so much with puppies, butt I am not even joshing, she came over TOO TIMES on the weekendtimes just for helping my ouchies!! YES!! Butt no joshing the Saturdaytimes were pretty tough!! Golly!! Pop had to carry me up plus down the 'roundthebackyard stairs and stuff, plus mostly I was just sleepings that whole entire daytimes, butt by the Sundaytimes........ when I got wakeywakey....... I was almostly all better!! 


I am the luckiest ducking in all of evertimes, guys 'cuz if MARYJOY did not come to help me, I would maybe have had to go to the EMERGENCY HOSPITALHOUSE!! Could have been sooperbad is what I am saying!! Butt truestory for reals no joshing seriousface 'cuz she came to help sooperfast, plus 'cuz she is sso good at making ouchies go a 'way, I am feeling soopergood now!! Yup!! All better, even!! ..........................

That is how come me plus Mirabelle can have some HappyFunTimes trying on our coolguyshirts!! Pretty neato, amirite!!?? Yup!! Now we are hanging out, looking cool, doing coolguy stuffs just like real coolguys!! 

Truestory I totally have been noticing that coolguys wear shirts with no armparts, guys!! Yes!! So for this Mondaytimes, we are being soopercool coolguys. You know..... 'cuz that is COOL!! 

Whatchathink!!?? Do we look like coolguys!!?? 'COURSE!! SOOPERCool even, amirite!!??.............


That was a soopertough weekendtimes what with getting my neckparts all crooked and stuff, butt I am sooperhappy to see your faceparts a 'gain, plus to hang out with YOU!! Yes!!

Plus I want to say a gigantical HappyHeart SHANKSH to my MARYJOYfriend who came to help make me feel waymorebetter, 'cuz now I am sooper'cited to start this shinynew weektimes with YOU GUYS!! Mirabelle is too!! I have no ouchies, plus 'cuz of my coolguy shirt, I am feeling....


So let's do cool stuff this daytimes, guys!! WeatherWizard says there will be rainingdrops, butt... there is a whole buncha degrees in the outsideplace too, so it is not even chillybilly where we are!! Nope!! It is wet, plus watery, butt pretty soopernice, so let's have a sooperfun Mondaytimes, K? K!! 


                     HERE WE GO-GO-GO!! 





STATE OF THE ONION ADDRESS 2017!! (lots of wordybits!!)

STATE OF THE ONION ADDRESS 2017!! (lots of wordybits!!)