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Howdy, everybuddy!! *BUTTWIGGLES* 😊💜 ...

Are you guys all ready for the Holidaytimes Pajamaman to come!?? YOU ARE!!?? US TOO!! 

Me plus Mirabelle can't even hardly wait for him to come visit, 'cuz we wanna tell him how much lovings we have for him, plus we wanna say how awesometimes he is for giving giftypresents to everybuddy allover the marbleworld!! Yup!! He is AMAYZAZING for reals, don'tchathink!!??

I KNOW!! ... 

Anyhoozle... 'fore I get to readerating my sooperspecial Holidaytimes wordypoem called TWAS THE NIGHTYNIGHTIMES A 'FORE CRISPYMESS,  I wanna do some talkingtimes 'bout alla the friendlyfriends who sended us Holidaytimes Howdycards and stuff. Yes. 

I was thinkingthoughts I could maybe share every one we founded in our mailingbox onez at a times, butt... GREAT GOOGILYMOOGILY!! There is waytoomany, guys!! It is 'MAZING!!

Butt we do not want anybuddy thinkingthoughts we do not luvluvlove them, plus that we don't luvluvlove to see their howdycards, SO...................

Mirabelly had a 'MAZING thinkingthought in her brainmelon, guys!! Sure did!! 

She said we should do a gigantical picturestory with alla them innit at the very same times!! That is when I said 


So..... that is totally what we are gonna do right NOWABOUTS!! ........................

TA DA!! 

Isn't that AMAYZAZING, guys!!?? IKNOW!! It totally is for reals!! .....................

Can you see YOURS in this gigantical pile of Howdycards!!?? Sure hope so!! 

We got simple ones, plus fancy ones, plus sooperbig ones, plus teensy ones, plus they came from allover the marbleworld like the AMERICAplace, the FRANCEplace, the ENGLANDplace, the AUSTRALIAplace, the BELGIUMplace, the SWEDENplace, plus even our very own CANADAplace too!! Sure did!! 

Plus there was ONE thing that made alla them the SAME, guys!! Yup!! Plus that thing was 

❤️❤️❤️ LOVINGS ❤️❤️❤️ ...

OH!! Plus we can't forget 'bout the ones we alreadytimes shared with you!! They are full-up with lovings too!!

Shanksh, everybuddy!! Truestory for reals no joshing seriousface it means lots'nlots when you send Howdycards to our Mailingbox!! Basicall we luvluvlove it 'cuz...

WE LUVLUVLOVE YOU!! .............

OKEEDOKE!! FIf you did not know, it has been my traditionalish thing to do every Decembertimes number tweenyfore, to read my BRINDLEVERSION of 'TWAS THE NIGHTYNIGHTIMES 'FORE CRISPYMESS, so I am hoping you guys will all skootch in real sooper comfyclose, so's I can read it just for you and everythings, K? K!!

PLUS.... if you are not so much into the Crispymess kind of Holidaytimes, that is no biggie!! If you did not know, our Brindlebunch Holidaytimes are for everybuddy no matter where you are from, or what your bleevings are, or any of that stuff!! All that is 'portant is that you are our friendlypals plus we luvluvlove you sooperlots from the basement of our HappyHearts for crying out Pete!! Seriousface!! 

So... HappyHappyHolidaytimes to EVERYBUDDY ALLOVER EVERYWHERES!!
Let's just have some fun, plus share lotsa HappyHeartHugs and stuff, K? K!! ................

*AHEM* ...

Here we GO-GO-GO...

Twas the nightynightimes
a ’fore Crispymess. Yes.
Plus all through our place
there was smiles, plus big toothygrins
plus happyfun on our face!

Fuzzysocks for our presents
all waited to get fed,
then we dreamed
‘bout the Pajamaman
who wears mostly PIRATE RED!

Mum plus Pop inna cozypile,
Me plus Mirabelle at their feets.
Then we mosey
to the Dreamingplace
for thinkingthoughts ‘bout yummy treats! (Maybe that’s just me though)

Allasudden just outside,
there was gigantical smashing!!
Steve’s deerpeople cousins,
plus a toboggan
came crashing!!

I jumped up, plus went zoomers
plus looked out just to see,
then my earparts
plus my lookingmarbles
went crazybananas with glee!

I saw eleventy flying deerpeoples
wearing goggles inna row,
plus a sooper ’mazing toboggansled
filled with cool stuff, all in tow!

The jolly, jello-y driverman
got out with a jump!!
He was round,
plus made of flubber!!
You could say he was plump!

“Hey, Dashing
Hey, Dancer
Hey Jumpy
And Gary,
Plus Comet
Plus Cupid
Plus Donny
Plus Larry!!”

“All you guys there up front,
everybuddy who’s a deer
watch your hoofyshoes
plus antennas,
plus you guys all stay here”!

He was so sooperfast
‘cuz he wore Pirate Red,
butt I hid like a
sneakyninjaman while
everybuddy else stayed in bed!

He came down our little chimbly
with a "WHOOSH" of freezy air,
then went “PLOP”
and then “OOF”
‘cuz he fell everywheres!!

He was real ro-lee,
plus po-lee, plus
he jiggled allatimes.
I got so sooper‘cited
I made a toot from behind!

When he turned, he just winked,
bellychuckles filled the air,  
he just kept stuffing
all our presentsocks
‘cuz he didn’t even care!!

He ated snacks that we made him,
then wiped his beard clean,
plus he flew
up our chimbly
like he was neverever even seen!!

Butt I heard him yell loud
as he flew out of sight...
“Merry Crispymess you guys
And to all…

HappyHeartHugs plus Lotsa cozypile snugglesnorts plus yummysummies and everythings you need to fill your Heart with HAPPY!!”

Or something like that!! Yup!! Butt prolly it rhymed though. Prolly!!.......

😊❤️  Happy Merry Holiday-Awesometimes, Everybuddy!! ❤️😊

Me plus Mirabelle plus the whole, entire Brindlebunch luvluvlove you guys
more than everythings!! 

❤️❤️❤️  YUP!! ❤️❤️❤️

H💜 H💜 H💜