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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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BACKFLASH: First Trip to the Torontoplace!!

Okalee dokalee, everybuddy!! Now is the times for a whole shinynew BACKFLASH!! Yes!! This backflash is from the first in evertimes me plus Mirabelle went to the Torontoplace!! It was sooper'citing plus our friendlypal, Nathan from RAWCO.CA made these 'mazing picturestories with his soopersnazzy camerabox!! Check them out!! 😄😄😄

Here we are, guys!! In the Torontoplace, even!! Me plus Mirabelle wearing our soopercool RAWCO.CA kerchiefs and stuff!! Yup!! Plus check out the SEEIN' TOWER (CN TOWER) in the waybackparts!! That thing is crazybananas tall!! .......... 

Did you know!!?? The SEEIN' TOWER got it's name 'cuz when you go wayuphigh to the very top parts, there is lots for SEEIN' !! Yup!! It's a fact as far as I know!! 😄

Anyhoozle, we had big piles of HappyFunTimes that day at the REDPATH WATERFRONT FESTIVAL!! yes!! There were gigantical bunches of peoples allover everywheres plus we got to tell everybuddy 'bout our most favoritist yummysummies: RAWCO!! ................

Shanksh for checking out our Torontoplace BACKFLASH, everybuddy!! Plus big shanksh to Nathan for making these awesometimes picturestories just for us!! He is the BESTEST!! 
See you latertimes!! 😄😄😄


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