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UPLANDS SWM (Storm Water Management)



  • puddlepond!!
  • barber shop for fishies!!
  • next to a whole 'nother park!!
  • pavey walkingroads!!
  • sooper accessible!!
  • duckies and stuff!! 
  • a barber shop for fishies, guys!!

Park Review #380

Snort Index Rating: 2.0 SNORTS!!

Storm Water Management

61 Repton Avenue, 
London, Ontario

This park is only sooperfun 'cuz it has the only barbershop for fishies in the whole entire everywheres!! Truestory, guys!! I am not even joshing!! You can see in my picturestory galleryparts down at the bottom of this review that there is a babershop pole right in the middle of the puddlepond!! I couldn't even bleeve it, guys!! 

Anyhoozle, this park is a 'nother STORM WATER MANAGEMENT place where alla the extra wet waterydrops goes when there is crazybananas stormingtimes!! Yup!! So there is a nice big puddlepond right in the middleparts!! Butt not so much room for anythings else!! Plus it is pretty close to a rollycar road with no fencingbits to help make it waymoresafer, so that is not so cool!! 

Butt... there is a whole 'nother park right nextdoor called Virginia Park, so maybe try there instead!! Maybe!! 

Anyhoozle, this park is not sooper awesometimes, butt still pretty cool to see a barbershop for hairy fishies, amirite??!! Prolly!! Shanksh, park!!

The end. 

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