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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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  • pavey walkingroads!!
  • accessible!!
  • ducks!! 
  • pretty puddlepond!!
  • street parking only!!
  • nowheres to do goofballery

Park Review #379

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!


1835 Canvas Way, 
London, Ontario

Hi guys!! Welcome to my number 379 park review!! It is pretty 'citing 'cuz real soon prolly I will have been to 400 parks!! How 'mazing is that!!?? Pretty 'mazing I am thinkingthoughts!! 

Anyhoozle, I did not give this park a very good snort index rating, butt that does not mean I did not like exploradventuring here!! Not even!! It is sorta pretty for your lookingmarbles, plus I am thinkingthoughts it would be good for a nice romantical walkingtimes with your hunnybunny. Yes!! 

Basically this park is a big puddlepond!! Yup!! It is called a STORM WATER MANAGEMENT FACILITY 'cuz this is where alla the extra waterystuffs goes when it does rainingdrops like crazybananas!! Yes!! That is what makes sure alla the peoplehouses don't float away in sooperbad stormingtimes!! Truestory!! So it is nice for looking, plus real easy to get to, plus even real easy to visit for wheelychairs, butt there is just no shadyparts plus nowheres for doing any zoomers goofballery or stuff!! Nope! It is just a pavey walkingroad. Butt it was cool to see!! Shanksh, park!!

The end.  

UPLANDS SWM (Storm Water Management)