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Park Review #381

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!


1845 Canvas Way, 
London, Ontario


  • Soopersmooth walkingroads!!
  • Lotsa swampybits fulla chirpybirds plus shrubbadubs plus leafytrees you don't see other places!!  
  • It is sooperpretty too!! 
  • There is a whole 'nother park right nextdoors!! 
  • No shadybits, though!! 

Hey, guys!! This park was sorta special for 'couple reasons and stuff!! First of alls it is stuck right 'side a whole 'nother park!! Yup!! Fact is most peoples prolly would neverever even know it was more than one park!! When you sit your buttparts in the most middlish place innit plus look one way, it is UPLANDS NORTH WETLAND, butt if you spin 'round the otherways, it is UPLANDS NORTH SWMF (Storm Water Management Facility)!! Yup!! Sorta confusallating, butt not a biggie for a professional-type Park Exploradventurer like me!! 

Anyhoozle, there is a soopernice walkingroad that is all pavey plus it would be awesometimes even for peoples who are in wheeliechairs, guys!! So that is pretty 'mazing!! Yes. 'Specially 'cuz this is a real differenter kind of park!! Yup!! Wetlands is what they call a place that is sorta swampy/marshy with lotsa wateryparts innit. It is not so good for walkingtimes, butt that is why they made a walkingroad just special for this park!! Only prollem is, that is the only place you can go, guys!! Just on the walkingroad!! Plus other prollem is that there is no shadybits anywheres on the walkingroad!! I know!! So if you go onna sooper stinkywarm daytimes - bring drinks, K? K!! 

So this park was pretty neato, for the special wetlands-type shrubbadubs plus chirpybirds plus even special leafytrees too, butt 'cuz there is not much place for exploradventuring for puppies like me, I did not give it a sooperhigh Snort Index Rating. Nope. 
Sorry, park!! Butt it was soopernice to meet you!! :) :) :) 

The end. 

ASK ARCHIE: November 30, 2015