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Park Review #362

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!

Waubano Creek - South
/ Open Space

2355 River Road, 
London, Ontario


  • burblecreek
  • peoples like fishing here! 
  • sketchy parking, guys! 
  • sorta secret! 
  • no wordysign! 
  • lotsa trashybits in spots! 
  • close to busy rollycar roads! 

Know what, guys!!?? This park was sorta fun to do exploradventuring in!! Yup!! Plus truestory prolly most peoples don't even know it is there!! Pop got real close in our rollycar, Burgundy Dreams so he slowed way down plus then I said "WHY ARE YOU SLOWING DOWN, POP!!?? THERE IS NOTHING EVEN HERE!!" Butt know what else, guys!! There totally was!! Yup!! 

Mostimes when we go by, there is maybe one or two rollycars parked near here plus I am thinkingthoughts it is 'cuz they are FISHERPEOPLES!! Yes!! I am really thinkingthoughts that! 

See, this park is right inna corner of an intersection for two crazybananas busy rollycar roads. Yes. Plus mostly it is all leafytrees plus shrubadubs when you first look, butt if you look reeeeeeeal close, you can see a path where maybe even macho rumbly trucks take fisherpeoples down to the burblecreek!! 

Now, there was lots of trashybits near the way in, butt when you get allaways down to the burblecreek, it is pretty nice!! For reals!! The burblecreek was nice plus low when I went, so I got to cool my feets and everything!! Yup!! 

Anyhoozle, what I am saying is this is not so much a park for visiting to do goofballery or climbing monkeyclimbers and stuff, butt if you like burblecreeks or fisherating, maybe you will like to check this one out!! I sure did!! Yup!! Was sorta fun and everything!! Shanksh, park!! 

The end.