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Park Review #374

Snort Index Rating: 2.0 SNORTS!!


741 Lenore Street,  
London, Ontario


  • grassycarpet!
  • soccery-type field! 
  • not much else! 
  • real close to a learningschool!
  • not very protected! 
  • flat plus kind of snoring! 

Hey, guys!! This park is mostly just a little chunk of place right next to a learningschool for juniorpeoples. Yes. So that is not so good for puppies. Plus basically it is just a soccery-type field with leafytrees down one side. The whole other side is wide open and is real close to peoplehouses, so there is almost no fencings or protection for being safe and stuff. Nope. So this park is for safety strings only, guys. Yes. 

There is a sorta nice walkingroad at one end that is not really part of the park, butt it pretty much feels like that, so that is AOK. Butt mostly this park is just leftover place between peoplehouses and a learningschool for juniorpeoples, so not so hot for puppies. Nope. Butt shanksh, anyhoozle, park!! It was nice to meet you!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

The end.