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Park Review #373

Snort Index Rating: 4.0 SNORTS!!


1196 Southdale Road East (official)
371 Millbank Drive (entrance to trails)

London, Ontario


  • sooperlong naturetrails!
  • for advanced beginners only!
  • pretty to look at! 
  • sorta secret - specially the way in! 
  • Can get soopermucky in the springtimes or after watery rainingdrops
  • don't go at dusk or nightynightimes 'cuz of COYOTES!! Seriousface!! 

Hi, guys!! This park was pretty 'citing to see 'cuz it is sorta secretish and stuff!! No joshing!! The only way in to the walkingroads is hard to see from the rollycar roads, plus it is not at the 'ficcial addressybits at all!! Nope!! That is pretty sneaky, park!! Butt no biggie, 'cuz I am a professional-type exploradventurer so I found it anyways!! Yes!! 

This is only one part of the gigantical Westminster Ponds ESA, guys!! ESA means Environmentally Significant Area, so it is sooper'portant it gets lotsa lovings and stuff. Butt this park - 'specially the entranceway to the walkingtrails I found - looks like nobuddy has been taking care of it for sooperlongtimes!! It is kinda weird plus spooky in there some places!!  

Basically it is a sooperlong walkingroad through Westminster Ponds. There is a pretty biggish puddlepond not too far inside and everything, butt it is tricky to get close to 'cuz lotsa this park is real wilderwild, guys!! Yes!! It is real tough to even get through in some places, so this is just for advanced beginners!! Plus it is sooper'portant to 'member that COYOTES live somewheres 'round here so don't go at dusk or nightynightimes. The coyotepeoples only come out then and everybuddy 'round here says our coyotes have been working out, 'cuz they are BIG COYOTES. 

Butt it is alsotimes real pretty too!! Yup!! So that is cool!! I did not go allaways to the other end 'cuz it is pretty far and stuff, butt the other thing to 'member is that this is sorta a dead-end walkingroad, so you have to come back out the way you went in. Yup! Butt prolly you will take your rollycar to get here anyways, so no biggie. 

So I liked this park!! It was sooper'citing 'cuz it is secret plus sorta like the wilderwild in there too!! It is pretty tough though, plus there is no good place to cool off with a burblecreek or MisterRiver, so only 4 SNORTS. Yes. Butt pretty cool!! Shanksh, park!! 

The End