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Park Review #375

Snort Index Rating: 1.0 SNORTS!!


485 Pond Mills Road,  (official) 
25 Agincourt Place (entrance to trails) 
London, Ontario


  • Not so much! 
  • do not visit this park! 
  • unless you want to help clean it up! 
  • walking trails are closed, guys!! 
  • closed so they can regrow! 
  • lotsa garbageybits! 
  • broken glassybits! 
  • goobers are not taking care of this park! 

Guys. This park needs lotsa lovings. Yes. Lots'nlots even. I am gonna write some wordybits to the citypeoples 'bout this one, 'cuz it is not just gross from garbagy-bits, butt seriousface it is littlebits dangerous too, so don't visit this park 'less you want to help clean it up!! 

See, this was the last part of the sooperbig WESTMINSTER PONDS bunch of parks!! There are FIVE sooperbig parks, plus most of them are soopercool, so I was sooper'cited to go see my last one, butt when I got there... GOLLY... I was not so 'cited anymores. 

Firstofalls, the 'ficcial addressybits are WAY OFF, guys!! Yes!! Butt I found where the start of the walkingroads is. OR WAS. Yes. More 'bout that in littlebits. The way to the start of the naturepath walkingroads is at 25 Agincourt Place. There is a little pavey walkingroad for juniorpeoples to get to their learningschool. That is whole 'NOTHER thing for puppies to be careful of, butt if you go, take a leftpaw turn at the end before the learningschool field starts. There will be a bunch grassybits that is all crazybananas grown over, butt that is where the trail is!! Yup!! 

'Course when I followed the trail to the start of this park's Nature Trail I was s'prized!! 'CUZ IT IS CLOSED, GUYS!! Truestory for reals!! This happens someofthetimes when The NatureMama is littlebits all worn out by peoples coming to see her too much. So the citypeoples close it all up so she can grow back in real pretty plus feel waymorebetter. So sortof a bummer for my exploradventuring, butt soopergood for The NatureMama. 

Then I found sorta a differenter way in!! There was a big 'ol rock plus a 'nother skinny walkingroad that went into the leafytrees. Butt what I found was a gigantical bummer. Alla 'round the rock was trashybits plus broken glassybits from bottles and stuff. Even worse, when I went into the woodsyparts, all I found was a whole bunch more trashybits plus more glassybits plus even a shopping cart all tossed a 'round. It was gross. 

So that all made me sorta sad, guys!! I am sooperproud of how clean plus beautiful my city of the London, Ontarioplace is where I live, butt this is no good!! We are called THE FOREST CITY, not the garbage city, so I am gonna have to do somethings 'bout it!! Prolly I will write some wordybits to the citypeoples, plus me plus Pop maybe will come back to do some cleaning up too!! Yes!! 

Just to make soopersure there is no other way in, we drove to a whole 'nother side of the park plus found a 'nother pavey walkingroad, butt it was no good for differenter reasons. It just went to a skinny leftover chunk of place between choochoo trails plus peopleshouses!! Someofthetimes that is AOK, butt lotsa the peopleshouses did not have fencing plus the whole thing was under a bunch of LIGHTNING TREES (electrical towers), so that is just no so much fun. So... basically this park is closed for a whiles, guys. Don't come to this one. 

So sooperlow snorty score, butt truestory for reals it is not this parks fault!! Nope!! Sorry Park!! 

The end. 


Zoomers Goofballery plus Bop Foo too!!