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Park Review #512

Snort Index Rating: 3.5 SNORTS!!

48 York Street, 
Delaware, Ontario, Canada


  • Baseballing diamond!!
  • One big, plus too (2) teensy soccerballing fields!! 
  • Tennisballing courts!!
  • Soopercool rollyboarding skate park!!

How soopercool is this, guys!!?? πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

More parks to see!! Yup!! Truestory it took me (3) whole entire yeartimes, butt I totally finished my gigantical list of 458 parks in my city where I live, so I was pretty sure I would not see so many parks anymores, butt... not even!! One daytimes I founded a big picturemap on the interwebsnet that shows where alla the parks just OUTSIDE my London, Ontarioplace is, so now I can chase those ones too!! 

This times I got Pop to take me plus Mirabelle out to the DELAWAREplace!! Sure did!! It is just a teensy citytownsburg 'bout half of one hourtimesa  'way with not so many peoples, BUTT a whole buncha parks!! One of the parks is called LIONS PARK!! Yes!! Butt.... don't get TOO 'cited guys, 'cuz bleeve it or nope, there is not even one lion innit!! IKNOW!! It is pretty much crazybananas!! Should be called NO LIONS PARK if you ask me!! Ha ha!! Anyhoozle......

This is a middle-sized park that is mostly just grassycarpet, butt it was real clean plus tidy and stuff, plus there is some sooperneato stuff in here!! Yup!! When we firstest got there, me plus Mirabelle, plus Pop watched a buncha juniorpeoples get dropped off that the rollyboarding SKATE PARK!! It was awesometimes to watch the juniorpeoples zoomers back plus forth plus up plus down alla the rollyhills and stuff!! Looks like that part of this park is sooperpopular for reals!! That put Happy in my Heart!! 

Then we went over to somethings I have neverever seen befores, guys..... OUTSIDEPLACE HOCKEYPUCKING!! Yup!! It was for reals a room in the outsideplace just for hockeypucking!!
I do not know how to play, butt if you did not know, most peoples who live in my Canadaplace luvluvLOVE hockeypucking!! So that was sooperfun to see!! 

Then we checked out the tennisballing cage where you can play (2) tennisballing games at the same times, plus next to that was a pretty big baseballery diamond!! This diamond is not shiny, guys!! Nope!! Truestory it is pretty dirty and stuff, butt it looked like fun for playing on!! Sure did!! 

Then the lastest part was alla the soccerballing fields!! There was a bunch!! One real big one, plus a couple junior ones too!! We saw alla them!! 

Only prollem with this park is there is rollycar roads that go mostly allaways 'round, so.... it is not perfectal for puppies to do goofballery in, guys. Nope. Prolly you should keep your safetystrings on like we did 'cuz one time Pop got too close to the rollycar roads, plus if we did not have him on safetystrings, he would prolly have got into gigantical troubles!! Prolly!! Safety firstest, everybuddy!! 

So not the bestest park for puppies, butt this park is sooper'mazing if you like to play with sportyballs or hockeypucks!! 

Shanksh, park!! One daytimes I will learn hockeypucking so I can come back to play with you!! 





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WEDNESDAY MORNINGTIMES (Photos, links and sooperfun stuff!!)