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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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WEDNESDAY MORNINGTIMES (Photos, links and sooperfun stuff!!)

WEDNESDAY MORNINGTIMES (Photos, links and sooperfun stuff!!)


It is soopernice to see your faceparts!! Yup!! Plus did you know!!?? Me plus Mirabelle are on the bouncyhill this morningtimes 'cuz it is too chillybilly to hang out with you at the outsideplace!! Seriousface!! WeatherWizard says there is ZERO DEGREES out there this morningtimes for crying out Pete!! ...................

That is how come I told Mirabelle The OldWinterman is on his way to where we live, plus now she keep checking for wintertimes fluffystuff - EVEN HERE IN THE INSIDEPLACE!! Hee hee!! 

"MIRABELLE!! I am telling you for reals The OldWinterman will neverever come to the insideplace!! Truestory for reals silly puppy!!"

I don't even think she bleeves me, guys!! She is all ready to Bop his faceparts when he comes this times!! Plus just so's you know - I HOPE SHE DOES!! Ha ha!! .......................


There is a shinynew Wednesdaytimes happening, guys!! Yup!! Plus Shanksh for coming to hang out with us, know why!!?? 'Cuz hanging out with you guys is the funnist!! Yes!! That is how come I n'vented a shinynew game for playing called "NAME THAT PICTUREMOVIE!!" Yes!! 

You will see where to play littlebits down the page!! Yup!! Hope you like it, guys!! Let's do it!! 


HERE WE GO-GO-GO!! HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ

Wednesday, October 26 is... PUMPKIN DAY!! 

"Pumpkins are the harbinger of the harvest season, appearing every year as the first sign of autumn. Did you know that the word β€œpumpkin” comes from the Greek word β€œpepon,” meaning "large melon"?
Pumpkins can be grown on every continent except Antarctica, and the United States produces about 1.5 billion pounds of them each year. A Wisconsin farmer grew the largest pumpkin ever recorded. He used seaweed, cow manure, and fish emulsion to grow his pumpkin, which weighed a total of 1,810 pounds and was the size of a dumpster!
Celebrate National Pumpkin Day by carving a pumpkin in time for Halloween.
Don't forget to bake the tasty seeds for a healthy, autumn snack!"
Click the photo to visit the PUMKIN DAY page on! 

Click the photo to visit the PUMKIN DAY page on! 

Okeedoke, everybuddy!! Just for bellychuckles, let's play a shinynew game I just n'vented!! 

I will say some sooperfamous wordybits from a sooperfamous picturemovie, plus YOU try to guess the name of the picturemovie, K? K!! This is gonna be 'mazing!! Ready!!?? Okeedoke: 


"Truestory for reals Scarlett....
I don't even give a care for crying out Pete!!" 


Did you guess!!?? Awesometimes!! If you do not know yet, check at the bottom of this page for the answerparts, then lemme know if you would like to play tomorrowtimes too!! 😊😊😊


A Fundraiser in Support of Boston Terrier Rescue Canada!!

Okeedoke, everybuddy!!
Stop alla our sooperfun shenanigans for littlebits just so's you can enter this sooper'portant contestery, plus maybe even win a gift of flight voucher from WestJet that includes 1 return trip for 2 peoples, anywhere WestJet aeriobirdieplanes go!! Yup!! That means you could go 'cross my Canadaplace, or the Americaplace, the Mexicoplace, the Caribbeanplace or even some citytownsburgs a 'cross the oceanpond (Dublin, Glasgow and the OTHER London)!! 

Click the "I Rescue Bostons" logo to visit the contest page on

To enter, Click the logo and visit the contest page on

Check it out, everybuddy!! I am sooper'cited 'cuz for this times on THE ARCH GALLERY, my Pop make a picturepainting from picturetography sent from one of our FayBo friendlypals!! 

Yup!! Silviaschoeneberg sent me some emailery with a soopercool picturestory of her puppypal, ASLAN innit!! Yes!! He is doing perfectal poserating in a 'mazing place called THE HALLERBOS near the Brusselsparts of the Belgiumplace!! Yup!! So then I showed it to Pop so he could make a picturepainting of it!! THEN HE DID!! Whatchathink!!?? πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ



If you would like to make Archie Art to have put on display in the Arch Gallery, or if you have some soopergood (hi res) picturetography that you would like Pop to make into a picturepainting, then truestory for reals you should totally send it to me!! Seriousface!! 

It's totally easy and stuff!!
Just send good, (hi-res) picturestories or a copy of your Archie art to or mail to:

Unit 15, 467 Baker Street,
london, Ontario, Canada, N6C 1X9

The name of this daytimes' picturemovie is......  GONE WITH THE WIND !! Shanksh for playing!! πŸ˜Š

The name of this daytimes' picturemovie is...... GONE WITH THE WIND!! Shanksh for playing!! πŸ˜Š

Have a 'mazing Wednesdaytimes, everybuddy!! 

See you latertimes!! 

HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ